Colorful Bilbao: attractions that take tourists to the past and the future

The largest city of the Basque Country, locatedin the north of Spain, called the center of modern architecture. Bright and contrast, it attracts a huge number of tourists who want to look at the picturesque landscapes and enjoy in full the sights that will satisfy even the most refined taste.

Unknown Spain

The city of Bilbao is full of historical monuments,preserved national color, and rich in fantastic facilities that open their eyes to the unknown Spain. As the locals say, here you can visit the time machine, plunging into the past and the future. Surprisingly, in just twenty years the city has radically changed.

The cultural center, which has evolved from a smallvillages in a major port of the country, is extremely attractive for all guests of the city. Ancient Bilbao, whose sights will be remembered for a long time, is famous for the main architectural structure that has become world famous.

The Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim Museum, created in the likenessfuturistic alien ship, was discovered 19 years ago. An impressive structure of about 50 meters in height was created in the manner of deconstructionism, which has broken lines and unusual shapes. The modern art museum built on the riverbank makes an indelible impression: the titanium structures are sparkling in the sun, and inside the glass and steel atrium looks like a huge labyrinth.

sights of Bilbao and its surroundings

Of no less interest is the observation deckcultural institution of Bilbao. Attractions installed on it, amaze with its unusual: a huge frame spider and a puppy made of flowers, have long become a kind of symbols of the city.

The White Bridge

Not far from the museum is an amazing bridge,paved with glass tiles. The structure consisting of curved arches, suspended on metal ropes, resembles the spine of a giant dinosaur. The pedestrian suspension bridge looks impressive in the dark, when the glass of the beautiful structure and the titanium surface of the museum are reflected in each other, creating delightful effects. It is at night that the white illumination of the inimitable bridge, on which all lovers of Bilbao (Spain) love to kiss, is turned on. Sights, made in the style of futuristic architecture, wonderfully complement each other.

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Basogica Begongya

Tourists, making a leap from the future into the past,fall into the wonderful basilica erected in the 16th century. The church dedicated to the Mother of God Begonje is built in the Gothic style, however its entrance is made in the form of an arch, which is very curious.

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Twice a year there are solemnevents dedicated to the Holy Virgin, whose wooden sculpture is located inside the basilica of the city of Bilbao. The sights are famous for their decorated lancet arches and colorful stained glass facade.

Old city

In the old part of the city tourists hurry daily,wishing to touch ancient history. The area of ​​Casco Viejo has perfectly preserved all the monuments recognized as a legacy of the dynamically developing Bilbao. The sights of the old quarter are not in vain called the soul of the city. Here you can wander through the seven charming streets, getting acquainted with the various architectural styles of buildings erected in previous centuries. Decorated with coats of arms colorful houses with wrought-iron balconies, the main square, turning on weekends in a flea market, the Gothic cathedral beckons travelers who admit to love the Spanish city.

Sights of Bilbao and its surroundings

A tiny village with colorful houses is notin vain is called the most beautiful place of the coast. The settlement of Elanchov, surrounded by rocks, is a very interesting place to relax. Extremely narrow streets, which do not meet vehicles, belong exclusively to hikers. It does not come here so many guests of the country, because the settlement is deprived of beaches, and therefore it will appeal to those who prefer a secluded holiday away from the noise and problems of megacities.

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An authentic city with a wonderful climate andnatural beauty is a lot of pleasant surprises. Friendly people, wonderful cuisine, lots of entertainment - that's what attracts tourists fairytale Bilbao.

Sightseeing (reviews of experiencedtravelers only confirm this) will please even the most demanding guests of the city who fall in love with him forever. Everyone notes that they left a piece of their heart here, so they burn with an irresistible desire to return again.

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