Turkey Alanya hotels: oriental fairy tale

This city is one of the most interesting fortourists, one of the most beautiful and attractive in all of Turkey - the magnificent Alanya, revealing its embrace to all guests from different corners of the globe. Here there is a unique climate: long days are filled with heat, and the nights are cool even in winter, which is provided by the location of the city in the mountains. Tourists who come to this place on vacation can get everything they need richly: a fabulous vacation in an unusual changing climate, the best hotels in Alanya, walks on sunny embankments, visits to all kinds of taverns and restaurants, and a magnificent bay that creates a unique atmosphere romance and the eastern fairy tale. Planning your future summer vacation, you should think about visiting Alanya. Here, choosing one of the huge number of hotels as a place of residence, you have the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful view from the windows every day (mostly coming out to orchards and real plantations), to take part in fascinating excursions and sightseeing of dozens of historical and cultural attractions, as well as visit amazing natural monuments - stalactite caves.

Turkey Alanya hotels are located on the picturesquesea ​​coast, so living in them will certainly look like an Arabian tale, solitary, but very romantic and beautiful. Accommodation here is the best way for those who need a full rest away from city bustle and noise. But solitude does not mean complete remoteness and separation from civilization - in the immediate vicinity of any hotel, not even the most "star", guests can find all the necessary infrastructure (restaurants, shops, pharmacies). Everyone can go to local markets and buy a lot of souvenirs for relatives and friends - handmade carpets, leather goods and jewelry. In addition, the list of advantages that Turkey has Alanya hotels, includes, as already said, their location. Wherever you stay, to a clean beach and a shoreline with a lot of resort and beach entertainment will be within easy reach.

One of the best such hotels is "SaphirResort & Spa Hotel 5 * », which is often chosen by our compatriots who come to rest in Turkey. However, many experienced tourists consider such evidence of the popularity of the hotel, as the interest of Russian travelers is rather a disadvantage rather than a virtue. They prefer to relax where the speech of compatriots does not sound as often as here (Hotel "Giustiniano Club" Alanya, for example). But, one way or another, but "Saphir Resort & Spa Hotel 5 *", working on the "all inclusive" (like many other Turkey Alanya hotels) offers its guests all the best for recreation. It has comfortable rooms of various categories, including bridal apartments, family accommodation and standard rooms, restaurants and themed bars, where you can taste the extraordinary dishes of Turkish and many European cuisines. A special place in this hotel is devoted to creating and providing a variety of entertainment - guests can visit swimming pools for children and adults, theater and cinema, discos. Adults will happily spend time in shopping centers, and their children on the playgrounds. For the whole family are designed water parks and clubs, sports grounds and traditional Turkish baths.

And for those who believe that the main advantage,which should have Turkey Alanya hotels, this is a low price for accommodation and a good location in relation to places of mass congestion, the best solution is to stop at the hotel "Alangun 2 *" - not too prestigious, inexpensive, but very comfortable and cozy.

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