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If your holiday destination has never beenBulgaria, Sunny Beach, reviews of tourists are recommended as the best place for first acquaintance with this country. This is the largest sea resort in the republic. Its beaches have a length of about eight kilometers along the clear Black Sea. As elsewhere in Bulgaria, they are golden-sandy. The best conditions for a beach holiday are created here: comfortable sun loungers and umbrellas, shower cabins and gentle slopes to the sea, water slides and pools, summer inexpensive cafes, which Bulgaria is so famous for.

Bulgaria, Sunny Beach, reviews
Sunny Beach, reviews of tourists hereregularly argue, from other Bulgarian resorts qualitatively differs in that here, at the foot of the mountain massif Star-Planina, as elsewhere in the country, ideal conditions for outdoor activities are created. This is sailing, surfing, water skiing, boats and scooters, volleyball, tennis, hang gliding, fitness, bowling and many other sports. A pleasant, even climate, a clean warm sea, sufficient remoteness from big cities and highways, developed tourist infrastructure made this resort the best one Bulgaria has to offer.

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Sunny Beach reviews of tourists in different waysCharacterized as a place for family recreation. On the one hand, there are ideal conditions for children's vacations: clean sandy beaches, relatively shallow sea coast, experienced children's animators, many interesting entertainments and attractions. However, according to some tourists, Sunny Beach is too noisy at night, so that it could be attributed to a comfortable resort for families.

And this definitely has some truth. There are 130 (!) Hotels on the territory of the resort, located along the sea line in four rows. Each of them has a developed infrastructure that does not stop working for a minute. This is the most emotive holiday destination that Bulgaria can offer. Sunny Beach has the most positive reviews from the youth. A lot of night clubs, discos, all kinds of attractions for adults, who at any time can charge those who want a huge portion of adrenaline, attract young people from all over Europe. Especially a lot of students here, because in all the parameters of a European vacation here you can get much cheaper than in other countries of the Old World.

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A lot of interesting will be found at this resort andlovers of history. From the north side it adjoins the ancient city of Nessebar, an archaeological monument to which Bulgaria is famous. Sunny Beach, the map of which is rich in numerous sightseeing routes, can offer travelers also more distant trips both within the country and neighboring states - Turkey and Greece.

In general, if as a place of the next holiday youattracts Bulgaria, Sunny Beach, photo of which confirms the European level of its infrastructure, will suit you perfectly. It is here that you will find an affectionate sea, full of active rest and high-level service for relatively little money.

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