Tuapse: attractions and attractions for Russian tourists

Krasnodar region is famous for its unusual resorts. One of the most visited is Tuapse.

toaps attractions and attractions

The resort town is between Sochi and Gelendzhik. Its history began in 1838 with the founding at the mouth of the Viljami Fort. In translation from the national language, Adyghe, the name of the city is two waters. In Tuapse, attractions and entertainment give the city the right to be called a resort. This city is an international trading port. The question arises: how to get to Tuapse? It can be done by private car, by train or by plane to Adler, then you can take a taxi or use an electric train. There is another option, a comet goes from Sochi, the journey time is 1.5 hours.

This resort attracts tourists for a long timebathing season. So if you are a sea lover, welcome to Tuapse. Attractions and entertainment are presented here for every taste and purse. Coniferous forests have curative properties, and the underwater world attracts divers. The resort is popular with lovers of leisure with a fishing rod. Therefore, most people try to provide themselves with rest in tents on the seashore.

If you want to save money, then choose a vacation inTuapse without intermediaries, ordering accommodation directly from the owners. As in all sea resorts, the city has its embankment, seaside boulevard, monuments and museums.

rest in tuapse without intermediaries

Attractions and attractions in Tuapsebegin with the seaside boulevard. Walking along it, you will notice a variety of subtropical vegetation, enjoy the unique view of the port water area. The city park and some monuments are also located here. Going to the square of the October Revolution, you will see an obelisk made as a trihedral bayonet, "Fighters for the power of the Soviets." The steep slope to the left of the obelisk is the Mountain of Heroes. Climbing the stairs, you will get to the museum of history and local lore. Not far from the museum are the dolmens - stone structures, which were designed to bury the nobility in the distant past. Known to the whole region of the house-museum Kiselev.

In the vicinity of Tuapse attractions and entertainment are also very interesting and convenient for inspection. Let's consider some of them.

how to get to tuapse

In the village of Nebug you can visit the Dolphinarium. It features trained walruses, sea lions, beluga whales and dolphins. After the presentation, those who wish can have a photo taken with a dolphin for a fee and even ride on it. Not far from the dolphinarium is the water park. Here you will get the opportunity to experience a variety of slides, enjoy the attractions and swimming pools.

In 2007, opened the Ice Palace with a large ice field, the building is located two kilometers from the sea and works around the clock.

Separately, we can distinguish such naturalattractions like the waterfalls of the resort. The most famous waterfall 33 meters long, called "Perun", is located on the creek Kazennom, the left tributary of the Tuapse River. There are many beautiful waterfalls on the Dederka River.

Many people like to relax on the seacoast resort. Beach beach is presented for every taste: there is a pebble and sand. Rest on such a beach will suit families with children, because the depth of the sea decreases smoothly, the bottom does not pose a danger to the kids. The beach has everything to provide comfort and joy to the guests of the resort. Catamarans, tablets, bananas, water motorcycles are available for guests, and paragliders for extreme sports enthusiasts. The coastal zone is rich in "cafes", benches with souvenirs. Removing from the central beach, you can get to the wild beach, there are fewer people and quieter.

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