Magadan-Moscow: choose the best route

The heart of the Magadan region is its capital -Magadan. He began his chronicle not so long ago. Previously, it was just a small village in which workers of extractive industries lived. Only in 1939 he was able to grow to the status of the city.

The city can not boast a favorableclimate: low average daily temperatures in the spring-summer period and quite low in the winter and autumn. That is why the desire of local residents to go on holiday to warmer regions is so great.

Distance Moscow-Magadan

The distance will depend primarily on theselected mode of transport. In a straight line it is almost 6 thousand km, but such a route is just a line drawn on the map using a ruler, and the kilometer is calculated according to the scale indicated on the map. Remember that no road, other than air traffic, will run directly through mountains, rivers, marshes, ravines and other obstacles.

Three ways to overcome the distance

The Magadan Region - pretty quicklya developing industrial center, this region attracts successful businessmen. Therefore, the streams leaving for the sunny countries are approximately equal to those trying to get into the region.

Magadan Moscow

Route Magadan-Moscow can be overcome by one of thethree ways: ground, air and water. It is worth noting that the ground does not provide for movement on the train. There are simply no railways for passenger transportation of this scale. Construction of them in the near future is also not expected.

When planning a trip, it is necessary to remember that the time difference between Magadan and Moscow is 8 hours, otherwise the delay may be fraught with the disruption of negotiations or the inability to move further.

Ground method

Since there is no way to get there by train, fromthe road options remain on the route Magadan-Moscow. Depending on the type of transport, traffic and the needs of travelers, the road can stretch for 10,000 kilometers and almost 6 days.

Moscow time difference

Such a method of movement is beneficial only in thatIf a whole family or several friends are traveling, there is an opportunity to save considerably. For four adults, a trip by own car at a cost will be approximately equal to two economy class flights.

Perhaps travel and by bus, but multiple transplants and a minimum level of comfort for almost a dozen days not every traveler will stand.

Moscow Magadan distance

Moreover, it is impossible to say exactly whichthere will be a route, as this is one of the longest routes, actually crossing the whole country. Therefore, before the trip you need to accurately calculate your capabilities and technical capabilities.


On the route Magadan-Moscow runs a minimum of sixairlines. The distance in this case is 5,924 km, the journey time is about 8 hours. Air travel is the most comfortable of all. Keep in mind that with the approach of the spring-summer period, the cost of flights is much more expensive, therefore, early booking will help you.

Magadan Moscow

Air communication is possible both by regulardirect flights, and with transfers in Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, so every passenger can choose the option that is most optimal for him personally.

Water communication

Water passenger transportation along the routeMagadan-Moscow due to geographical features does not exist. Of course, there is an opportunity to take the cargo with accompanying persons, but in this case it is necessary to build your own route. Vessels can deliver cargo only to Nakhodka or Vladivostok, but then all the same it is necessary to use other transport.

Airport of Magadan

The only comfortable and fast enoughway to overcome the distance from Magadan to Moscow remains the aircraft. Magadan airport "Sokol" is located 50 km from the city. It's only 30-40 minutes by car from the city and the air gates hospitably open to meet you!

Magadan Moscow

Flights are made to all airports in Moscow.Thanks to this, it is possible to choose the best connecting flights in the capital, without leaving the airport of the first arrival. It is convenient for travelers who decided to go abroad, as well as businessmen who arrived in Magadan from different regions of the country.

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