Recreation bases of the Sur water reservoir. Fishing in the Sorsk reservoir

Everyone knows that in Russia there is no shortage ofpicturesque places for outdoor recreation. These include the Penza region, on the territory of which the Sur Lake reservoir is located. It was filled in 1978 and is intended for providing drinking and industrial water supply to the residents of Penza and Zarechny, as well as irrigation of agricultural land. On the shores of the Surskoye reservoir, there are many recreation centers, where thousands of residents of the region like to spend their weekends.

recreation center Surskoe Reservoir

Information about the pond

The Suk reservoir in Penza is located in 629kilometers from the mouth of the river, which gave him the name. The total area of ​​the water mirror is 110 square meters. km, length - 32 km, width - 3 km. The total volume of the reservoir is 560 million cubic meters. In 2004, a small HPP with a capacity of 0.2 megawatts was commissioned on the Sura River (Penza).

Beach of the village of Zolotorevka

The Surskoye reservoir in Penza is famous for its cleanliness andpicturesque landscapes. If you want to relax on its shore, then go to the railway station Leonidovka. A few kilometers from it there is a magnificent sandy beach. It is surrounded by a dense forest, where you can set up tents and enjoy the recreation of a savage.

Club "Lukomorye"

In the vicinity of Zolotorevka can not onlysunbathe and splash in the crystal water of the Sura reservoir, but also engage in horse riding. In the club "Lukomorye" vacationers will be accommodated in a guest house, designed to receive 20 people, at which there is a stable. At the request of tourists, horse riding classes will be conducted with them. In addition, they are waiting for horseback riding to the site of excavations of the ancient settlement, along the shore of the Sur Lake reservoir in the pine forest.

Surskoe Reservoir Fishing


Not far from Lukomorye there is one more place,suitable for families. This is the recreation center "Kristall", which is surrounded by a coniferous forest. For tourists there is everything necessary, including a building with comfortable rooms, a Russian bathhouse, pavilions with barbecue grills, a volleyball court, etc. Those who do not want to think about rest on what to cook are offered a comprehensive meal. The tourists enjoy great popularity riding on ATVs and jet skis. There is everything necessary to organize a game of paintball.

On the basis of "Crystal" can also be spent onlevel such important events as an anniversary or a wedding. In the latter case, the newlyweds will receive a wedding number as a gift, and guests can be accommodated in rooms with discounts.

Recreation center "Forest Keys"

The main decoration of the shore of the Sur Lake reservoiris a coniferous forest. Directly among the pine grove there is a recreation center "Lesnye klyuchi". On its territory wooden houses have been built, in which from 3 to 8 people can sleep, as well as gazebos with barbecue facilities. In addition, there are several houses with a bath, so after a hot steam room you can dip into a cool water. The "Forest Keys" base is an excellent place for fishing enthusiasts. There are several houses located on the water, on the bridge which can be comfortably located with a fishing rod. In summer there is a café-bar on the territory of the base. There, guests are offered a large selection of homemade cakes, ice cream and soft drinks. As for the beach, it is equipped with sun beds and umbrellas.

Sura Penza

Recreation center "Bereg"

You decided to go on a weekend to Surskoyereservoir? Rest can be organized on the basis of "Bereg". To get there, you need to drive along the Shemysheyskaya highway and, after 19 km from the Gidrostroi building, turn right.

To accommodate tourists there are offeredcomfortable houses made of wood. There is a sauna, a summer kitchen, bathrooms. There is access to the Internet and parking spaces for private vehicles. "Beach" is designed for simultaneous reception of 3-4 dozens of guests, so you will have the opportunity to quietly relax with your friends.

Every Thursday there are field trips toyoga. They are conducted by a qualified instructor of this eastern practice Vitalina Minaev. For more than 10 years she has been teaching everyone who wants harmonization methods in the mental and physical spheres.

"Sursky Bay"

If you are looking for a budget optionrest, go to the village of Leninka. On the shore of the reservoir is the recreation center "Sursky Bay". There you can hide in arbors from the scorching rays of the summer sun, use the braziers and ride a jet ski. In addition, those who wish can rent a house and spend a few memorable days in the lap of nature.

Surskoe Reservoir in Penza

Surskoe Reservoir: fishing

In the Penza region there are many fansto spend free time with a fishing rod on the shore of some water body. So, they say that at the shore of the Sur Lake reservoir in winter, bream is perfectly caught. It belongs to the class of schooling fishes and shows activity during the entire time when the pond is covered with ice. Bamboo shoals move in certain directions. It is believed that they move along closed and cyclical routes. On the Surskoye reservoir, the bream has its own places for parking, resting and searching for food.


There are bases on the shore of the Sur Lake reservoir,which can combine fishing with beach rest. For example, the BV "Mileika" is in the west of the region 20 km from Kuznetsk, two km from the villages of Maryevka and Bestyanka.

There are all the conditions for organizing fishing,as in the warm season, and in winter. In particular, apart from summer houses, heated cottages are at the service of holidaymakers. There is a sauna and a cafe, and hot days can be sunbathed on a free beach.

Surskoe Reservoir holidays


The Sura River (Penza) is a tributary of the Volga. On its banks there are also many recreation centers of different levels. In particular, judging by the reviews of tourists, it is possible to have a great rest at the Nikonovo BV, which can be reached by rail. There, the guests - several houses, designed for accommodation from 2 to 19 people. Thus, there you can go on vacation by a big company or hold a corporate event. The base operates not only in the warm season, but also in winter. Especially there are a lot of people wishing to spend a winter vacation in Nikonov, as it is possible to organize ski trips and skate there. As for summer holidays, there is a rental service at the base, where you can take a bicycle, boats and fishing equipment.

At the choice of vacationers, they can cook their own meals or order dishes from the restaurant's menu. At the same time, prices for a day without meals start from 700 rubles.

Sursky Reservoir

Now you know what this orother recreation center. The Sūrskoe Reservoir is a great place for organizing picnics, so on the very first fine weekend, go there for shish kebabs or try to catch the biggest fish in your life!

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