City of Grodno: attractions and their description

The city of Grodno is located on the border of three countries: Poland, Belarus and Lithuania. This arrangement put him in a special position: Grodno was always captured first, and liberated the city last. Because of this, it was under the rule of many states during its existence. Grodno also visited the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and in the territory of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, and under the rule of the Russian Empire, Poland, and the USSR (BSSR). Today the city of Grodno belongs to the Republic of Belarus.

A lot of interesting things can be seen in Grodno: sights, ancient architecture, beautiful natural places, smiling and hospitable locals. Every Belarusian tourist guide contains descriptions of the Old and New Castles, the Church of Kalozhsky, the Church of the Farns, monasteries, the Palace of Khreptovich, the Church of St. Brigitta, and others.

To see the whole of Grodno,the sights of this city will take many hours. Therefore, in order to have time to see as much as possible beautiful and memorable, it is best to plan the route in advance. The map of Grodno with the sights shown below will help you. It shows the locations of the most beautiful and interesting places that you just need to see if you decide to visit this Belarusian city and make an excursion trip on it.

The city of Grodno. sights

map of Grodno with sights
1. The Old Castle

This castle is really old. It was built by the prince of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Vytautas in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Since then, the castle survived not one destruction and several reconstructions. From the original structure to date, there are only fragments of the fortress walls that pass along the edge of the cliff. Its name was given to the Old Castle after it was destroyed and rebuilt during the Northern War (the first half of the 18th century). Today there is a historical-archeological museum.

2. The New Castle

It was erected in the XVIII century as a residenceStanislaw August Poniatowski, the last of the kings of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Built in the Rococo style by the design of famous German architects of the time. The new castle has also been repeatedly destroyed. It was reconstructed several times. To date, only the main gates and sculptures of the Sphinx have survived in their original form.

3. The Church of Kalozhsky

It was built in the XII century in memory of the saintsBoris and Gleb. Therefore, its second name is Borisoglebskaya church. This building is a business card of Grodno. Sights of this level are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and Kalozha also. Unfortunately, it was not completely preserved: the dome of the church disappeared very long ago, and in 1853 one of the church walls was completely collapsed.

4. Monastery of the Nativity of the Virgin

Hrodna town attractions

Ancient convent, which originallywas built as a Uniate. Also here is the temple of the Holy Virgin. In the days of the Soviet Union, the monastery was closed, but since 1992 it has resumed its activities.

5. The Synagogue

This building was built in the late 19th century on the site of the former Jewish quarter. The temple operated until 1939. Now it is closed and handed over to the Jewish community of the city.

6. The Palace of Hreptovich

It was built in the 18th century specifically forEustace Chreptovich, the last acting chancellor of the Principality of Lithuania. The palace is built in the style of classicism. This is a beautiful building, decorated with the emblems of knights and the arms of the city of Grodno. Today it houses a historical religious museum.

7. The Soviet area

Previously, it was called the Market Square. Here you can see the ruins of the town hall, the first stone fortress built in the town, the house of the merchant Muravyov, which was erected in 1914, and the famous Farny Church.

8. The Church of the Ascension

This church for a long period of time was the mostrich in the whole of Eastern Europe. Its interior decoration is amazing: sculptures, frescoes, wood carvings. The building was built in 1678. At the ceremony of lighting the Farska church in 1705, there were such historical figures as the Polish King August I and the Emperor of the Russian Empire Peter I.

Grodno Attractions

9. The Church of the Acquisition of the Holy Cross (or the Red Church of the City of Grodno)

Attractions with the same name are andin other cities of Belarus. For example, in the city of Minsk stands the famous Red Church of the Holy Seeds and Helena. From the Hrodna church there is a beautiful view. The building is located at the highest point of the city, so it's not easy to get to it. Built in the Baroque style.

10. Church of Saint Brigita

The Brigitte church was erected in the first half of the 17th century. This building is a monument to the Vilno Baroque. A women's monastery operates on its territory.

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