Iriklinsky water reservoir - rest in the Orenburg region

In the 1950s the Orenburg region felta sharp need for constant water supply and sanitation in the territory of the eastern and central part of the Southern Urals. In this connection, in 1958 it was started, and in 1966 the construction of the largest reservoir within the Urals, located at an altitude of 245 m above sea level, was completed. By the way, the Iriklinsky reservoir on the river of the same name was built. Its length is 73 km, and the length of the coastline is about 415 km. The average depth is 12.5 m, the largest is 40 m. Below is added the map of Iriklinsky reservoir, which will help tourists to get to the pond.

iriklinskoe reservoir holidays

A few words about the reservoir

The appearance of the reservoir accompanies manylegends, which the local residents will be happy to tell you. They say that the name of this reservoir in translation means "paradise". Indeed, the time spent here is similar to the time spent in paradise - clean air, clear water, wonderful views ...

A huge deep lake with rocky shores anda lot of bays - this is the Iriklinskoye reservoir. Rest in these places is remembered for a long time. One who has seen this magnificence once will remain impressed with it forever. So say the locals and travelers, the rebound from which is not in all seasons.


In the pond, there are about 40 species of fish,a variety of which will be impressed and experienced fisherman: burbot, bream, roach, pike, whitefish, trout, carp, carp, carp, sterlet ... And this is not the whole list! It should be noted that earlier the Iriklinskoye reservoir (rest with a fishing rod in these places is quite popular) was famous for its populations of predatory fish species. Who knows, maybe they will meet a lucky fisherman.

A huge variety of underwater world allowssuccessfully exist for fishing companies, which in this area are several: fish farm "Volna", a state nursery for fish breeding, a community of fishermen and a state fish processing enterprise.

Vegetable world

Also in this zone you can find manysmall islands, peninsulas, lagoons, capes, braids and bays. The flora consists mainly of poplar, alder, elm, juniper, birch and aspen. Artificial landscaping is actively practiced here, new trees and shrubs are constantly planted.

In summer Iriklinskoe reservoir (rest in thisseason most in demand) acquires an emerald green color. This transformation is due to the flowering of water. And the reason for this phenomenon is a large content of various nutrients in it. No wonder this place is called the pearl of the Orenburg region!

Iriklinskoe reservoir of recreation center


In these parts of the infrastructure is very developed. Numerous houses equipped with everything necessary, clean beaches, in a word, the most comfortable conditions are waiting for tourists coming to the Iriklinskoye reservoir. Recreation bases, which are located in close proximity to the water, are the famous "Seagull" and "Cherry Hill". They are suitable for lovers of thoughtful recreation. On the territory there is a cafe-bar with karaoke. Equipped with a dance floor. For fans of sports games there is a volleyball and a football field. Also on the recreation centers you can use the grill and grill.

And for those who do not want to enjoy the benefits of civilization, preferring their unity with nature, there is an opportunity to pitch a tent camp.

No wonder the place is always fulltourists and connoisseurs of nature. Also for lovers of yacht sport there is an opportunity to visit a local club located also on the territory of the reservoir. If you choose the Iriklinskoye reservoir, rest, you can be 100% sure, will be fun and unforgettable.

map of the Iriklinsky reservoir

The creation of this pond allowed to preventand reduce the consequences of floods in the Orenburg region, significantly increased the chances of developing the fishing business and improved the ecological situation in the area.

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