Northern Ireland: a magical country

The distant, shrouded UKconsists of several parts. Each of them has its own characteristics and advantages. Northern Ireland is a picturesque place, located just 20 kilometers from Scotland. This is the smallest part of the Kingdom. It is amazing and diverse. Here in every corner there live legends and fairy tales.

Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland is wonderful for everyone. Here are wonderful, hospitable and good-natured people. They always welcome guests and are very fond of having fun. And local dances will not leave anyone indifferent. In addition, there is a very beautiful nature. Thanks to the humid climate, all the vegetation has a rich green color and thick foliage. A huge number of flowers grow in fields, on flower beds, in pots, on balconies and so on. And this is not the whole list of the beauties that Northern Ireland is rich in.

Sights here can be found everywhere. The ancient history of the country, numerous kings and queens, princes and princesses left behind a rich heritage worthy of attention.

Northern Ireland attractions

Northern Ireland has a fairly smallthe size. Thanks to this, tourists have a lot of time to inspect all interesting places. The first thing I would like to mention is the capital Belfast. Here you will see an amazing combination of modern buildings with unique buildings of the Victorian era.

The latter includes the Castle of the Road Antrim,Built in 1870 on the slopes of Keif Hill. From its windows there is a beautiful view. There are antique shops, a museum, restaurants and magnificent gardens. Natural Park is very near. Most of its territory is a reserve. Here are the caves of the Neolithic period. Some of them are available for visiting.

Many sights of Northern Irelandare in Dublin. This city is one of the oldest settlements in all of Europe. There is everything for active recreation: museums, parks, restaurants, entertainment establishments. Among others, there is the Dublin Castle. Here is a collection of the rarest and oldest books, as well as papyrus of the Ancient East. When visiting the castle tourists are offered an excursion, during which they have a unique opportunity to learn the history and some secrets of the castle.

Northern Ireland has many secrets. One of them is the Road of the Giants. It is located three kilometers from the coast. The road is lined with basalt columns, reaching a height of 12 meters. The origin of this phenomenon is volcanic. However, the locals think otherwise. Thanks to this place is shrouded in riddles and legends.

Northern Ireland Attractions

Another place that must definitely visitIs the majestic Inniskillen Castle. Once here ruled the Gaelic leaders. Today, on the territory of the castle is the Museum of Ferman County and the Museum of the Royal Riflemen.

The largest lake in the UK is located onterritory of Northern Ireland. It is called Lake Loch Ney. This is a very picturesque place. Walking along the coast, you can see how diverse and interesting the local animal and plant world.

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