Cyprus Airport in Larnaca

The legendary island of Cyprus! This is one of the most wonderful places to relax. The sun does not hide behind the clouds here for 300 days a year. There is practically no crime and biting insects. Tourists in Cyprus are met with magnificent beaches and majestic mountains, monuments and ancient ruins. Also the whole island is covered with vineyards, citrus plantations and olive groves. And among them are small and picturesque villages.


Therefore, the influx of tourists on this island is notruns low all year round. And since the aircraft is the easiest to get here, every airport in Cyprus receives new passengers around the clock. As you know, this island is now owned by Turkey and Greece. And in the Greek half of Cyprus there are two international air terminals.

And the largest of them is in the city of Larnaca. It was built in 1974 in a very short time at the time when Greece and Turkey shared Cyprus. Larnaca Airport began to perform the functions that previously performed the airport of Nicosia, departed to the Turks. But the Greeks did not stop there and in 2009 they opened a new air terminal in this city. It is four times larger in size than the old one.

Airport of Cyprus

And now this airport in Cyprus is considered one of the mostthe largest in the eastern region of the Mediterranean Sea. The Greeks built it for only three years, while investing 650 million euros. For a year it can serve up to 7.5 million passengers. In the building of the terminal itself there are 14 ticket offices and 16 check-in counters. And on the takeoff field you can get on one of the 16 closed transitions. Also near the airport building there is a parking lot, which can accommodate 2,5 thousand cars.

From this airport, regular flights toAmsterdam, Kiev, Warsaw, London, Stockholm, Nuremberg and many other cities. From Moscow to Larnaca, you can fly a direct flight from Aeroflot or Cyprus Airways, and Eurocypria Airlines provides direct communication between Peter and this airport. From Kiev to Larnaca, AeroSvit planes regularly fly. In addition, in summer, charter flights also take place.

cyprus larnaca airport

And for those who want to relax in Limassol or inAyia Napa, this airport in Cyprus will do the most. It is located a few hours drive from these resorts. And the center of Larnaca is located five kilometers from it. So the way from any hotel to the airport takes no more than 15 minutes.

There is also on the island of Cyprus Paphos airport. It is much smaller in size and throughput than the terminal in Larnaca. And he accepts mostly charter flights. But this airport is quiet and cozy. Here there is no usual for large air terminals fuss and queues for control and for luggage. But, despite this "provinciality", there are all the amenities and a completely European level of service.

cyprus airport paphos

And on the Turkish part of the island, too, you can flyby plane. Here passengers take the airport of Ercan. It is located in the north-east of Nicosia. This is an ordinary airport, however, passengers from the plane to the terminal walk. And the flights to Ercan are made by transit through Turkey. And for those passengers who do not stop in Antalya or Istanbul, do not need a Turkish visa, and their luggage is delivered directly to Cyprus. Well, those who make a stop in one of these cities, will have to get and again hand over their luggage, as well as make a one-time visa.

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