Belinsky Park (Penza): description

Belinsky Park in Penza is one of the largest in this city. Its area is about 370 hectares. At the same time, it is considered one of the oldest in Russia.

History of the park

Belinsky Park in Penza appeared before the revolution. It was created in 1821, thanks to the decree of the then existing Emperor Alexander I. The governor of the Russian state then ordered that in each provincial city there should be a park.

To execute this decree, the governor of Penza FedorLubyanovsky asked for help from the famous horticulturist Ernst Magzig, who worked at the local state school. He arrived in Russia a year before from Germany.

Belinsky Penza Park

Together they selected a site that adjoinedforest. In Penza, he was known as Shipin-bor. Lubyanovsky handed it to the city and organized a clearing of the forest. There they arranged picturesque alleys, gazebos for rest and benches for guests. During the first 15 years about 15,000 rubles were allocated for the improvement of the park.

In the very beginning it was called "Public Garden". And when in 1875 the Summer Theater was built there, it was renamed the Summer Theater. Its current name was Belinsky Park in Penza in 1911. This year in Russia celebrated the centenary of the birth of the famous literary critic Vissarion Belinsky. In the park a monument to criticism and a memorial gate with its bas-relief was erected.

Park in the Soviet years

In the Soviet years, this place was preserved park. In the late 60's, he was even considered one of the best cultural services for the population. In 1958 he became the winner of the All-Russian competition.

Belinsky park of Penza

An essential role in the development of Belinsky Park inPenza was played by Ivan Dmitrievich Balalaev, who in 1969 took up the post of director. He led the park until 2000. During this time he published a whole series of articles and books devoted to the Belinsky park in Penza. Also noticeable help was given by the chairman of the Penza City Executive Committee in the 60s-80s Alexander Shcherbakov and the secretary of the regional committee Georgy Myasnikov.

The current area in Penza park Belinsky, photowhich is placed in this article, found in 1975. Then part of the forest park was annexed to it. At the moment it is visited by about two million people a year.

How is the park arranged?

In the park there are a lot of ancient and majestic trees, the age of some of them reaches 300 years. Today they are considered unique monuments of nature.

There is a certain composition center in the park. It is the top of Battle Mountain. And with the existing Ferris wheel, a beautiful panorama of the entire city and its surroundings opens up.

Penza park Belinsky photo

Today the park boasts attractions, both classical and the most modern, rope park, a dance floor located in the open air.

For lovers of outdoor activities there is a climbing wall, a cable car that connects this park with the Central square. In winter time there is a ski base, there is an extreme mountain descent.

A special pride is a health path. This is the name of the special treatment method used in sanatoria. It consists of walking walks, including mountainous terrain. Today in the park there is a Health Trail stretching several kilometers.

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