Hovima Santa Maria Aparthotel 3 * (Spain / Canary Islands of Tenerife): description, service, reviews. Holidays in Spain

Tenerife is the most popularwhere the tourist life in summer is simply boiling. Of course, for the convenience of visitors, there are many entertainment venues, cafes, restaurants and markets. There are also comfortable hotels in Tenerife. For example, tourists can rent their rooms, including Russian ones, at the Hovima Santa Maria Aparthotel 3 *.

Where is the hotel located

There is this complex on about. Tenerife (Canary Islands) in the city of Costa Adeje. The distance to the nearest airport is only 17 km. That is, to get to the place, booked here by tourists, can literally in 20 minutes. From the center of Costa Adeje (Spain), the hotel is only 1 km away.

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To the absolute advantages of this hotel, tourists also include its proximity to the sea. To get to the beach, hotel guests need to overcome only about 300 meters.

General description of the hotel

Hotel Hovima Santa Maria Aparthotel 3 *pretty old. It was built in the middle of the last century. However, this does not mean that the decoration and equipment in the rooms handed over in this hotel are old and uncomfortable. Of course, the hotel was periodically renovated. The last time repairs were done in the complex in 2010.

Hosts Costa Adeje this hotel, incomingto the network of Hovima Hoteles, in a seven-story building of original modern architecture. The hotel area has its own. It is believed that this hotel is best suited for family tourists who came to Adeje to rest with their children.

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Spain in March, including the island of Tenerife -a place extraordinarily romantic. Nature at this time of year begins to come alive, and rains practically cease. This month is considered the beginning of the holiday season in the country. The latter lasts until the middle of autumn. But, of course, tourists can come to the hotel Hovima Santa Maria in the winter. This hotel is open all year round.

Number of rooms

Guests of Tenerife have the opportunity to rent inHotel Hovima Santa Maria Aparthotel 3 * is one of 402 rooms. The hotel surrenders mainly economy class rooms, standard and apartments. By categories, the rooms of the complex are evenly distributed over all floors. Four rooms in the hotel are equipped for people with disabilities. In the rented rooms the guests can use:

  • telephone;

  • TV;

  • fridge and kettle;

  • a set of dishes;

  • safe deposit box.

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Television in the hotel is satellite. For use of the safe, guests must pay a separate fee. Of course, equipped in all rooms of this hotel and showers. Towels in the bathroom residents can use for free. Quite good reviews from holidaymakers this hotel deserved and for the presence of spacious balconies.

The ability to rent inexpensive housing - that's becausewhich is also very popular holiday in Spain. The prices for renting rooms in local hotels are about the same as in Goa and in Thailand. For 100 thousand rubles. you can rent a good room for two for 10 days. The hotel Hovima Santa Maria is not an exception in this respect either. The rooms given here, depending on the category, can cost around 93-120 thousand rubles.

Hovima Santa Maria Aparthotel: reviews of tourists about the residential fund

Opinion of the rooms of Hovima Santa Mariathere was a very good one. Most vacationers consider them comfortable, clean and tidy. Clean the maid's numbers carefully. The only thing - the dishes of the hotel employee in the rooms do not wash. Do this themselves should tenants. Many tourists advise vacationers who rented rooms in this hotel, take a sponge for washing dishes from home. Find a similar accessory in the shops of Costa Adeje will hardly.

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To the advantages of the complex vacationers, apart from everythingother things, include the presence of as many as three Russian TV channels. But the TVs in most rooms of this hotel are installed, unfortunately, in the kitchen. Therefore, to watch the broadcasts in the evening before going to bed, lying on the bed, the guests will be unlikely.

Some disadvantages of the hotel are many residentsthe complex believe that air conditioners are available only in expensive rooms. The rooms are standard and economical equipped with fans. From the heat, the latter are not very well saved.

On-Site Facilities

Infrastructure in the hotel Hovima Santa Maria 3 *, according to most of its former guests, is relatively well developed. On the territory of the complex its tenants can use:

  • free parking;

  • a currency exchange office;

  • hairdresser's.

There is also a laundry in this hotel. However, guests must pay for washing the laundry separately. Is in this complex and the Internet. You can use it for free. However, unfortunately, the Wi-Fi in this hotel is pretty slow.

Business people can send faxes from the hotel if necessary. There is also a large conference room. Works on the territory of the complex and a shop.

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Of course, guests can take a dip and inbasin. Spain in March, June, September - a place to relax suitable just perfect. The weather on the island of Tenerife in these months is excellent. Swimming pool at the hotel is open. And therefore it works only in the holiday season. For the winter, water is drained from it.

Services for children

As already mentioned, many tourists come toHotel Hovima Santa Maria Aparthotel 3 * with children. For small guests there are many amenities. For children there is a games room and a playground. Also in the hotel there are as many as two paddling pools. Parents, if necessary, can leave the child on time with a nanny. This service is paid separately.

Entertainment in the hotel

Good hotel reviews Hovima SantaMaria Aparthotel 3 * deserved not only for the fact that you can have a good rest in well-equipped rooms. Provided for residents of this hotel and all kinds of entertainment. For example, in the evening, vacationers can go to a disco, fashion show or visit a colorful presentation. The hotel also has its own TV room. For children, the hotel periodically arranges animations.

Feedback on the infrastructure

Provided for guests at the Hovima SantaMaria Aparthotel service many tourists consider quite worthy. Hotel staff most of its former guests praise. The hotel staff speak, unfortunately, only in English. However, one girl - the administrator Natasha - understands Russian. In any case, all arising from the tenants of problems employees of the hotel try to solve quickly.

The hotel pool is visited, of course, not manyguests. After all, in walking distance from the hotel is the Atlantic Ocean. The swimming pool becomes popular only with strong excitement at sea. Swim in it, according to most residents of the complex, it is quite convenient. Free sun beds next to the pool are always available.

Most of the guests consider the courtyardbeautiful enough. The garden is really there, but very small. In fact, it's just a design landing of several trees and flower beds. Some lack of the hotel many tourists consider the presence on its territory of huge cockroaches (which live mainly in this garden). Sometimes these unpleasant insects creep even into the rooms.

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Dining at the hotel

Rent rooms in Hovima Santa MariaAparthotel 3 * is available with breakfast or guesthouse. Fed in the hotel, according to tenants, not bad. Portions in the local restaurant are always great. So hungry lodgers never remain. With regard to the diversity of the menu, the restaurant of the hotel has also earned good reviews of tourists. Cook the chefs are quite tasty. The only thing - some former tenants of the hotel complain that the dishes in the local restaurant are served cold.

Hotel beach

The hotel Hovima Santa Maria is locatedAparthotel 3 * on the first coastline. To reach the sea its guests can literally in 10 minutes. Own beach at this complex, unfortunately, no. Therefore, his tenants visit the public. On your litter on this beach you can lie for free. A small amount is charged for the use of the shower, toilet and sun loungers with tourists.

Some guests of the hotel also visit the beach inLos Gigantes with black sand. It is quite far from the hotel. By car, you need to go there for about 30 minutes. A 15-minute walk from the complex there is also the very beautiful beach of Playa del Duque. The coastline is unusually picturesque. The color of the water in the sea, according to many tourists, is simply inexpressible.

What is next to the hotel

Excellent developed tourist infrastructure -this is certainly something for which, among other things, a holiday in Spain is valued. Prices for goods and products on the island of Tenerife are relatively low. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel there are many cafes and shops. For example, some tourists buy food in a large supermarket, located a couple of minutes walk from the hotel to the right. Within a 10-minute drive of the complex is also the famous Siam shopping center.

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Interesting places to visit which tourists are worthof course, there are many on the island of Tenerife. For the sightseeing of this resort, the guests of Hovima Santa Maria 3 * usually rent a car. You can order a car in Spain while you are still in Russia.

The most interesting sights of the resort are, in the opinion of many holidaymakers:

  • the Teide volcano;

  • the volcano of Ciniero;

  • the pyramids of Guimar.

Guests can also take a lookto the Auditorium - a concrete modern building of very unusual architecture. There are, of course, other interesting places on the island - the park of Teno, the unique mountain range of Anago, the pirate village of Mask, etc.

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