Lviv Bus Station - an integral part of the city

In order to travel around the country andfor its border, many residents use the services of road carriers. Bus trip always comes out much more profitable than driving on your own car. But there are also small cons. The bus ride takes longer than by car. In addition, the flight always has its own permanent schedule, which is not always convenient for the user. But still millions of people use the bus every day.

Bus station is the main tourist destination

For the convenience of users, all busesare sent from the same place, namely - from the bus station. It exists in every city, and in some - not even one. The bus station is a waiting place and a transfer point. There are suburban intercity and international bus stations. They include cash desks, waiting rooms, cafes, luggage storage and other services that are necessary for the tourist. After the ticket for the bus has been bought, it is necessary to pay attention to the date and time of departure, as well as to the seat number. The ticket also indicates the platform on which the transport will be delivered.

Brief description of bus station Lviv

Lviv Bus Station

Lviv is one of the biggest citiesUkraine. Its history attracts a large number of tourists who come here daily from different countries of Europe. Therefore, the bus station Lviv plays a big role in the reception of guests. With its help it is possible to go both to other regions of the country, and far beyond its limits.

Lviv Bus Station is located along Stryjskaya Street,109. In order to reach it, it is necessary to use public transport. This process will not create problems, since there is a convenient transport interchange.

The bus station Lviv is built in such a way thatcan serve about 800 passengers in one hour. According to the plan, it is erected in the southern part of the city. This provides a direct exit to the Carpathians, and the ring road helps to travel to other regions.

The Lviv bus station has a triangle structure andincludes the area in front of the bus station (located on the side of Stryiskaya Street), the area that serves the arrival of buses, and the departure zone. If you pay attention to the side that goes to the street. Stryisk, you can see that the building has three floors with a complex roof.

The structure of the bus station

central bus station of Lviv

At the rear of the building there is a ground floor. It is here that there are storage rooms, covered aprons for the arrival and departure of buses.

On the first floor there are cash desks. Here you can see the terrace, which goes to the platform. If you go up to the second floor, you can have a snack in the cafe, and also relax in the hotel. In addition, there is a waiting room. All passengers can use it. In the creation of a common interior, a large role was played by the construction of a prefabricated monolithic co-coating. They are located in the central part of the bus station. The central bus station of Lviv was created by the architects M. Stolyarov and V. Sagaidakovsky.

Reference as a source of information

bus station of lions

For each passenger it is important to know the information aboutsending his bus. The bus station Lviv, a reference which will always help in this matter, works around the clock without breaks and days off. They always sound all the necessary information on the loudspeaker.

Calling the help desk bus station, you can find outthe exact departure or arrival of the bus of interest. The schedule is always updated and supplemented, so it's important to pay attention to it. Also, the reference can tell you the number of available seats, but you can not book a ticket through it.

Some passengers can not get directly to the desired city due to the fact that there is no direct flight. Contacting the information department, you can get all available options with transplants.

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