Where to watch a movie in Ulyanovsk? Cinemas of the city: an overview

The cinema has been around for a long timeremains one of the places where both adults and children like to go. The citizens of Ulyanovsk are not an exception. That is why there are 15 cinemas in the city, daily visited by thousands of people. Consider the best of the cinemas in Ulyanovsk, which you can go to while in this city.

movie theater Ruslan Ulyanovsk

"Cinema Park"

One of the best and most advanced cinemas in the city of Ulyanovsk is Cinema Park, which is located in the building of the shopping and entertainment center Aquamoll.

cinema moon the Ulyanovsk

It consists of nine halls, equipped with comfortable chairs and capable of simultaneously accommodating 1486 people.

In this theater in one of the halls instead ofClassic armchairs are provided with colored soft padded stools, on which guests can sit as they please. The latest technology corresponds to the installed modern screens and sound equipment. This movie theater broadcasts films in 2D and 3D formats.

On the territory of the cinema "Cinema Park" there is a bar and a separate cafe, where guests can have a snack before or after the session.

Cinema Park Cinema is located at the address: Ulyanovsk, Moscow highway, 108 in, which is located in the Zasviyazhsky district of the city.

Visit the cinema every day from 10 am to 00:30 (Monday to Wednesday) and until 01:30 (Thursday to Sunday).

movie theater matrix Ulyanovsk


Cinema "Luna" in Ulyanovsk is also one of the favorite places for the pastime of the townspeople and is also located in the Zasvijazhsky district of the city.

Modern huge screens installed in thehalls, good sound equipment will certainly make viewing of any novelty of cinema more pleasant and will give the maximum volume of impressions. The films here are broadcast in two formats - 2D and 3D.

Inside the cinema "Luna" (Ulyanovsk) is decoratedbright enough and modern that sets a cheerful, good tone to the mood of everyone who gets into its walls. In the bar, which is available in the cinema, guests can buy drinks and popcorn.

There is a cinema "Luna" at the address: Ulyanovsk, ul. Kamyshinskaya, 43 a.

cinema moon the Ulyanovsk


One of the best cinemas in Ulyanovsk is Matrix. It can be found on the third floor of the shopping center "Pushkarevsky Ring". This cinema has been operating since 2011.

The institution is divided into 4 comfortable rooms,which, in total, can accommodate 665 people at the same time. Each of them is equipped with the latest sound and video equipment, which allows visitors to realistically perceive the sound of the broadcasted film. As for digital equipment, in the Matrix cinema in Ulyanovsk it is Japanese (NEC).

The films here are broadcast in the usual format and in 3D, to view the latter here the audience is given modern 3D Dolby glasses (for adults and for children).

There is a bar and a restaurant "Hollywood" in the cinema,where guests can spend time in pleasant surroundings, on comfortable sofas of red and purple flowers, before or after watching the movie. The bar offers drinks, popcorn and several light meals.

There is a cinema "Matrix" at the address: Ulyanovsk, Moscow highway, 91, building "A".

cinema wings of Ulyanovsk


One of the film sites of the company "Ivanoff and Co" -cinema "Wings" in Ulyanovsk. It constantly enjoys spending time residents of the outskirts of the city and surrounding areas, as the institution is located in the Zavolzhsky district.

This cinema is quite small - it only hasOnly one hall, designed for 587 seats. Guests who come here can comfortably sit on ergonomic chairs and enjoy a movie showing on the big screen and high-quality soundtrack.

Of the additional entertainment in the cinema "Wings" except the bar has a separate play area, where everyone can play in the simulators.

It should be noted that this institution is often called in another way - the cinema "Ruslan" (Ulyanovsk), which is connected with its location (DC with the same name).

Find a cinema "Wings" ("Ruslan") can be located at: Ulyanovsk, ul. 40 years of Victory, 15.

movie theater Ruslan Ulyanovsk


Cinema "Lumiere" was named in honor of the founderscinematography. It was opened in 2005, occupies a tiny area (in comparison with other cinemas of the city) and is designed for a one-time placement of 35 people. The hall is equipped with a screen with a resolution of 4: 1 and Dolby sound equipment, which is a classics of cinemas and is in all cinemas of Ulyanovsk

In the cinema "Lumiere" you can see not onlynovelties of domestic and foreign cinema, but also any other film, including, from a number of the domestic classics - on the collective application. Often, companies of friends or families come here to spend a merry evening watching your favorite movie.

Located cinema "Lumiere" at the address: Ulyanovsk, st. Radishchev, 148.

"7D Avatar"

"7D Avatar" is not just a cinema, but the mosta true movie attraction, which for a short period of its existence managed to gain popularity among the residents of the city. It is located on the territory of the shopping and entertainment complex "Aquamoll", in the Zasvijazhsky district of the city.

While watching a movie in this movie theater guestshave the opportunity to experience a real drive, caused by the received feelings and emotions. The hall of the cinema is equipped with a powerful five-channel panoramic sound, which makes the sensations from the heard as realistic as possible. As for the screen, it is created on a super-powerful Siemens platform ("Siemens") and is capable of transmitting a three-dimensional image with the effect of vertical drop, which other cinemas of Ulyanovsk are not capable of.

Find a cinema "7D Avatar" can be on the second floor of the SEC "Aquamoll", at the address: Ulyanovsk, Moscow highway, 108 c.

Working hours: every day, from 10 am to 19 pm.

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