We are going to rest. How much does a visa for Finland cost?

Finland is a unique country whose inhabitantsare taught to take care of nature carefully. According to Forbes magazine, it holds the leading position in the ranking of the cleanest countries in the world. Each country will give this country a piece of its legends, incredible beauty of nature, saturated with the sweet smell of essential oils, enjoyment of the pleasures of winter sports. Charming crags, cozy wood "bedspread", crystal lakes attract travelers from all over the world. How to get to this hospitable country, and how much is a visa to Finland?

How much does a visa for Finland cost?

Advantages of the Finnish visa

In order to get to the country of the winter fairy tale,Russians will need to issue a Schengen visa. Finland makes Schengen easier and faster than many other states. The number of failures is only one. And since, according to the rules, it can be issued in the consulate of the country of the first entry, Russian citizens prefer to go to Finland before traveling to other countries. Thus, after one trip to this country it is easy to get a Schengen visa on your own.

Visa to Finland cost

Self-service visa

You can apply to the Visa Center in Moscow,St. Petersburg, Murmansk or Kazan, if you need a visa to Finland. The cost of it will consist of the amount of the consular fee and the price of the services of the center itself. In addition, you should know that you will additionally have to pay money for photos and health insurance.

How much does a visa for Finland cost?

If the purpose of your trip is tourism, then you canto issue documents for a trip to the country of sports for 1500 rubles. In currency it will be about 35 euros. The visa will be valid in this case for six months, with the possibility of staying in the country for up to 90 days.

If you are issued a visa to Finland urgently, you will be taken twice as much, that is, 3000 rubles. Accordingly, this is 70 euros. However, you will make the documents in just three days, or even faster.

Required documents

Knowing how much a visa costs to Finland, you needprepare a package of documents: a questionnaire with a photograph, a copy of the passport, medical insurance. When traveling abroad with a child, a copy of the birth certificate should be made and a permission to travel abroad from another parent should be issued if the baby is traveling only with the father or mother.

Visa to Finland urgently

Where are visa centers located?

You can file documents for yourself or forrelatives, knowing how much a visa costs to Finland. You can apply for a visa in such large cities as St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk, Moscow, Murmansk or Kazan. Here are the Finnish consulates and the corresponding visa centers. In St. Petersburg, the documents are issued to residents of the North-West, in Petrozavodsk visas are issued to residents of Karelia, applicants from the Murmansk region are served in Murmansk. The rest of Russians can apply to the Finnish embassy in Moscow or in Kazan.

Finland is a very beautiful and hospitable country. The huge tourist flow of our compatriots has a positive impact on the economy of the country. Knowing how much a visa costs to Finland, it's easy to arrange it yourself or through a travel agency.

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