Nizhny Novgorod Region and its sights: Gorodets

On the coast of the Volga, 53 kilometers from the LowerNovgorod is the ancient city of Gorodets. It is famous for its original, bright and memorable places. Here, many ancient merchant buildings have survived, which so many tourists are eager to see. So where do you start visiting the sights? Gorodets has a rich history, so it's best to start your journey with an architectural survey, among which the most majestic are religious buildings. One of the impressive buildings is a church dedicated to the Protection of the Holy Virgin. This is a three-temple temple, buildings in 1824. Half a century from 1940 to 1992 it was closed. Now it is an active church, which regularly hosts worship services.

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What other attractions are there? Gorodets has more than one architectural structure of a religious nature. It is impossible not to mention the Spassky church, built in 1752. Since 1937 it was closed. Divine services have been renewed since 1990. Another monument of culture is the church of Michael the Archangel. Like the previous churches, this was also closed in Soviet times. Now it is an active temple, popular with many guests of the city. Another building, which can not be forgotten, is the Fedorovsky Monastery, built in the 13th century. After the revolution, it was completely destroyed, and restored only in 2009.

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But this does not end with the localAttraction. Gorodets is famous for its most beautiful street - the Quay of the Revolution. A large number of old merchant houses decorated with unique carvings are concentrated here, one of which (the Dementieva house) under number 8 has the status of a "monument of federal significance". In addition, on this street there is a monument to Alexander Nevsky. Similar facilities exist on other streets. So, on Rublev you can see an ancient building - the house of Countess Panina. Currently, this building is an art department belonging to the Museum of Local Lore.

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What other interesting places are there in this villageparagraph, what kind of attractions? Gorodets are not only unique architectural structures. The city has quite a lot of various museums, which will also be interesting for tourists. The most popular is the Museum of Local Lore, located in the house of merchant Oblayev. Here you can find information on the history, culture and archeology of the city and its environs. The most interesting exhibits are works of local craftsmen: wooden toys, spinning wheels, painted boards, forms for gingerbread.

But this is not the only museum that offersto visit the tourists Gorodets. Attractions can be supplemented by an inspection of the no less interesting Children's Museum on Kupecheskaya, which opened in 2004. Here is an excellent collection of toys, among which there are quite a few antique ones. It is impossible not to recall the Museum of Samovars, which is located in the manor Grishaev. Its collection consists of 409 samovars and is one of the largest in Russia. It is recommended to visit the Gorodets Gingerbread Museum, which opened in the estate of the merchant Petelin.

Where else to visit, being in the city of GorodetsThe Nizhny Novgorod region? Attractions can be supplemented with the City Wall, which is located on the high Princes Mountain. In winter, after snowfall and frost, kittens come to the city. This is a spectacular sight, which impresses all the tourists. In addition, there is an opportunity to ride independently.

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