Hotel Kalia Beach Hotel Gouves 3 *, (Greece / Crete): description, services, reviews

People who are going to spend their holidays onthe seaside somewhere in Europe, often turn their gaze to Greece. After all, this country managed to become famous not only for its great history, but also for beautiful beaches and good services. In most cases, tourists prefer the island part of the country, namely, Crete. Of course, hundreds of hotels are accepted on the island's territory. And one of the good places is the hotel Kalia Beach Hotel Gouves.

Of course, first you need to find out as much as possible about the chosen place. Does the hotel provide good accommodation and what impressions do you have after your vacation with tourists?

Kalia Beach Hotel Gouves (Greece): location and infrastructure

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As you know, when choosing a hotel you need to drawattention to its location. The small hotel complex Kalia Beach Hotel Gouves 3 * is located in a quiet area, in the vicinity of the resort village of Gouves. It is a small town, which for the most part consists of boarding houses, hotels, shops and cafes. The distance to the beach is about 120 meters, which is convenient. By the way, the airport is about 15 km away - the road to the hotel takes only 15-20 minutes by taxi or comfortable transfer.

The hotel itself consists of a main two-story building(here, of course, there is a reception, a restaurant, places for rest and some rooms), as well as a complex of compact cottages and small bungalows. The hotel area is well-kept, clean and beautiful. There are terraces, swimming pools and sports grounds. The guests positively respond about this place and say that spending time in the yard is really nice.

What do the numbers look like? Information about rooms and photos

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Hotel Kalia Beach Hotel Gouves 3 * small andcompact. Nevertheless, there are 75 rooms here - these are basically standard double rooms (on request an extra bed is delivered here), although there are several more spacious suites. The situation is uncomplicated, but guests can use comfortable furniture and relax on a soft bed. At your service there is a private balcony (on the ground floor there is a veranda with access to the hotel territory).

You can count on some othersamenities, in particular its own bathroom (shower, toilet, washbasin), as well as home appliances. Guests can use a small but powerful air-conditioner. There is also a radio and telephone. Refrigerators are not in all rooms, but at the request of the guests they must be delivered. The same applies to the TV, as most tourists return to the hotel only for night rest.

Travelers who have already visited this hotel, say that the rooms are very clean. The maids clean the rooms and change the towels every day. Change of bed linen - every 3-4 days.

Meals for hotel guests: what to count on?

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Kalia Beach Hotel Gouvesoffers its guests an all-inclusive service - full board. On the other hand, you have the right to refuse three meals a day and eat at any cafe you like (there are enough of them in the vicinity) without tying yourself to the hotel.

In any case, in a local restaurant you alwayspleased. And the menu, as they say, is not bad. For breakfast, serve pancakes, toast, jam, cereals, salads and fresh fruit. The choice of dishes for lunches and dinners is more diverse - visitors are served different kinds of meat and fish, fresh seafood and incredibly delicious desserts (from time to time there is homemade ice cream). In the hotel bar residents are offered different wines, delicious Cretan beer, as well as various cocktails.

Beach: distance, amenities and entertainment

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As already mentioned, the Kalia Beach HotelGouves is located near the beach. The distance is about 120 m, the road leads to the shore. This is a public beach strip, so renting a sunbed and umbrella (if necessary) is paid separately. The beach here is very beautiful, and the entrance to the sea is comfortable.

Of course, tourists here can spend time andmore actively, riding on boats, water skiing and boats. There is a diving center, where equipment is rented and newcomers are trained. The coast is also suitable for windsurfing and sailing.

Hotel Kalia Beach Hotel Gouves 3 * (Crete): leisure and additional services for tourists

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Can a tourist who lives in this hotel,count on additional services? Of course, yes. The hotel has its own covered parking (garage), as well as the point where you can rent a car or a moped. There is a small shop here where you can buy interesting souvenirs and specialties from the hotel. And in a small shopping center they sell food and household stuff.

In the courtyard of the hotel there is a swimming pool with a specialequipped and separated children's section. Around are umbrellas and comfortable sun loungers. By the way, there is also a restaurant terrace where you can eat in the fresh air.

As for leisure, the guests do welltime for playing table tennis. There are courts for tennis, where you can even take a short course of training. At your service video and billiard tables. For small tourists there is a playground with swings. In the evenings, live music is often played here, during the high season for the guests, different performances are arranged.

Excursions are one of the most popular entertainment.Crete is one of the most interesting islands, where in its time a unique culture was born. You can visit the ancient temples and even the ruins of an ancient labyrinth.

How do travelers speak about the hotel?

Experienced tourists know that when choosing a hotel you needto pay attention not only to official information, but also to the opinion of travelers. What do they say about the Kalia Beach Hotel Gouves? Reviews for the most part are really positive. Tourists believe that this is a good hotel, which is perfect for a relaxing holiday in silence and coziness.

The rooms are large, bright and very clean.Furniture is not always new, but serviceable and convenient, and household appliances work like a clock. There is always water in the bathroom. Meals worthy. The menu may not always be varied, but the dishes are incredibly tasty and fresh.

The hotel has other advantages, in particularproximity to a beautiful beach, as well as low prices for accommodation. This place is suitable for tourists who want to relax sparingly, without losing as a service.

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