Vyshniy Volochek. Sights. History in the frame of natural beauty

Ivan Shamov

(from the poem "Vyshny Volochyok")

Not in Italy, not in Greece,

This wonderful old man.

And in Russia there is Venice -

Vyshny Volochyok ...

Such beautiful lines were described by the poetcity, it's better not to say. Then the poem speaks about native fields, and about the encirclement of the town of Tznoi, about forests more often and old canals, epic legends. All this is the best description of this region of the Tver region.

From geography

Located between Peter and Moscow, a smallthe town of Vyshny Volochek is called Russian Venice because of the abundance of canals and rivers. Little Volochek in the Tver region is a transport hub. It is 3-4 hours drive from Moscow, and on the high-speed train the journey will take even less time.


It is adjacent to such cities as Torzhok, Rzhev and Tver.

map of the high road with the streets

Vyshniy Volochek. Sights. Nature of the region

The main places of interest hereare lakes, canals, rivers and pine forests, in which are full of mushrooms and berries. Needless to say, fishing here is a favorite pastime. You can ride a boat or go to the forest for berries. Blueberries, blueberries, cranberries, cranberries grow in abundance here. Beautiful lakes in lilies and water lilies among the pine forests will be remembered forever for their beauty.

Vyshniy Volochek. Sights. City

Many vyshnyolohane, as residents themselvescalled, live in private wooden houses, since the tree here has good quality. In the town it is still possible to pump water from a well. It is worth visiting the museum of local lore, as well as the museum of sailors-veterans. In addition, visit the glass museum from the plant "Red May", where a ruby ​​glass was produced for the Kremlin stars. Walking around the city is pleasant, here and there the seagulls fly, and the white sand cheerfully crunches underfoot.

The map of Vyshny Volochok with the streets clearlydemonstrates that they intersect at a right angle. The town has many ancient buildings and architectural monuments. These include the Epiphany Cathedral, the building of the Magistrate, the Merchant Row, as well as the Vanchakova Line (a street with many old houses), the Kazan Monastery (female) and many ancient stone buildings of historical value.

Hanging Hairs Photo

Vyshniy Volochek. Sights. Monuments and stuff:

- Sculptural structures are represented by monuments to the artist A. Venetsianov, Peter I and, of course, Catherine II.

- The city has a theater, a small number of restaurants and bars, three hotels, a motel.

- I'd like to say a few words about Vyshny Volochok station. Its building is not subject to changes. It remained unchanged.

- Since 1990 is included in the list of historical cities of Russia.

houses in the highest forks

Vyshniy Volochek. Photo for memory

Here everything is history, everything is natural beauty andgenerosity. The air is filled with aromas of pines and poplars, landscapes - as if from pictures of Shishkin and Vasnetsov. Vyshny Volochek, whose sights, in fact, are enclosed in its picturesque types of lakes and forests, in ancient buildings that keep the history of Peter the Great's times, lives with his modest and measured life. There is no place for idleness here. A cozy place for nature lovers and their gifts.

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