Istanbul: The Bosphorus Bridge and Galata

The bridges of Istanbul are an integral part of the cityscape and the pride of the townspeople. There are a lot of structures of this type in it, 2 of which we will describe now.

the bridge of Bosporus

The Bosporus Bridge is an ancient structure thatconnects the European part of the city with the Asian. Thanks to him you can visit in two different parts of the world in a few minutes. The construction of such a bridge was conceived by the Persian Emperor Darius I. After all, the construction through the Bosporus could help the ruler of Persia to transfer his army to the other shore in order to crush the army of the worst enemy - Alexander the Great. His dream was realized in 480 BC, when a pontoon bridge was built across the Bosporus. Hundreds of years passed before one of the railway companies received an offer to Sultan Abdul Hamid II, about replacing the then-new construction with a railway connection. However, the construction of the Bosphorus Bridge began only half a century later, in 1970. After 3 years, a grandiose opening of the structure, suspended at 64 m above the waters of the Bosphorus, took place. The construction cost $ 200 million, the length of the structure is 1510 meters, and the width is 39 meters. The Bosporus Bridge has 6 lanes (3 in each direction) and 2 more for the movement of emergency services. Every day it is crossed by more than 200 thousand cars, although it is paid. Due to mass suicides, the authorities closed pedestrian roads. In order for the bridge not to be overloaded with traffic, it was forbidden to ply trucks.

Galata bridge

In addition to the Bosphorus Bridge, Istanbul canboasting another attraction that connects the banks of the bay "Golden Horn". This is the Galata Bridge. It has a rather long and rich history. For all the time, a lot of bridges have been built over the bay, but they have remained non-functional for various reasons. One of them was built by Sultan Mehmet II Fatih between the Kasympash and Ayvansaray districts. The project of this bridge was drawn even by Leonardo da Vinci, about which there are 2 legends. According to the first, he was not approved by Sultan Beyazid II, on the second, Leonardo was persuaded by the Venetians to go to Turkey. And in 1912 for 50 thousand gold a new bridge was built. However, like many others, a tragic fate awaited him when he caught fire in 1992 under obscure circumstances. In the fifth and for the moment the last time the Galata bridge was constructed one and a half years after the fire - in 1994. Its length is 490 meters, and its width is 42 meters. To enable ships to ply under it, it was built sliding. An interesting fact is that Galatsky is one of the longest bridges in the world, along which rails are laid. Today, a tram goes by them. Ten years ago, under the bridge were opened cafes, shops and restaurants. And today on it in the evenings you can see hundreds of people who decided to spend a quiet evening in company with friends.

Istanbul Tourist Reviews

Istanbul, reviews of tourists about which cantell about its popularity, has a huge number of attractions built over the course of many centuries: the Hagia Sophia, the Topkapi Palace, the Galata Tower, the Bosphorus Bridge, the Maiden Tower, the Blue Mosque and many others.

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