Railway Movement in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a city on the Neva, wherefrom where thousands of tourists go every day. There are five railway stations: the Baltic, Vitebsk, Ladoga, Moscow and Finland stations.

St Petersburg Train Stations

The Baltic railway station accepts andsends only suburban trains, long-distance trains from here are not sent. Vitebsk railway station is the first in Russia. It sends long-distance messages to Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, the Baltic States, Prague, Warsaw, Berlin. Inland flights are also operated: Kaliningrad, Pskov, Novgorod, Smolensk and others. Train schedule It is constantly changing and replenishing with newroutes. Ladozhsky Railway Station is the only one in the city with through traffic of railway trains. From here large departures and electric trains of various directions depart. It serves the trains of the northern and eastern directions, which follow in Adler, Nizhny Tagil, Arkhangelsk, Vorkuta, Barnaul and others. It is here that the train stops with the Moscow-Helsinki message, as well as Moscow-Murmansk. The Finnish railway station is famous for long-distance passenger messages Repin and Sibelius, which depart from St. Petersburg to Helsinki. From here, trains leave in the north-west and north-east directions. Moscow railway station is the third largest in Russia in terms of passenger traffic. From this station high-speed local trains are sent, as well as long-distance trains. The schedule of the electric trains varies and is constantly updated.

Purchase of tickets

Tickets can be bought directly at the ticket officerailway stations. You can book them on the Internet, as well as buy in terminals that are equipped with all stations in St. Petersburg. It is better to do this in advance, as some routes, especially long-distance calls within the country, are in great demand, especially on weekends and before holidays.

Thus, it is possible to get from St. Petersburgpractically in any city of Russia, and also in the countries of near and far abroad. Trains are very comfortable and convenient, so you can safely travel without experiencing discomfort and inconvenience. Railway transport is considered the most reliable of all types of transport in Russia.

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