Sights of Koblevo and surroundings

A successful geographical location,favorable natural and climatic conditions, fragrant aroma of the steppe and pine forests contribute to the fact that Koblevo, entertainment and attractions which will be described in this article, is considered to be one of the most popular places for recreation in the southern part of the country. Among the Ukrainian resorts the town stands out for its long history and excellent climate. Attractions of Koblevo are closely connected with the tourist infrastructure of the Black Sea coast.

History of the resort

The city was founded thanks to the assistance of the RussianPrince G. Volkonsky during the Russian-Turkish wars. The future resort was originally part of the Kherson province. Its origin is connected with the creation of points of help for the wounded soldiers near Ochakov, as well as places where horses could rest. They renamed it to Koblevo later, in honor of a military man named Thomas Koble, who in 1792 received a special award (including the land that the Tiligul estuary washes) from the Empress Catherine II. It became a resort in the 70s of the last century, when Moldovan and Nicholas's enterprises appeared here.

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City area

Attractions Koblevo include a largenumber of establishments and institutions created for visitors. The territory of the resort provides for the accommodation of tourists in boarding houses and recreation centers. Regardless of the fact that Koblevo is usually referred to the composition of the Nikolayev region, it is located not far from the city of Odessa. If you go in the first direction, then the distance is estimated at 80 kilometers, and on the second - much less. Attractions Koblevo, clean beaches and warm sea attracts a large number of tourists (both Ukrainian and from abroad).

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What to see and how to spend time in the resortKoblevo? The sights of the city include a sufficiently developed network of entertainment facilities, which are accessible to tourists on the coast. You can go in for fishing or sports, go to an amusement park or to a concert. In addition, Koblevo is a place where there are discos and night clubs, numerous bars, restaurants and karaoke clubs. Everyone will find what to do on vacation. You do not have to be bored here, since clean sandy beaches are the main attractions of Koblevo. Take a stroll on a boat or a yacht, and ride on the water slides, enjoy the nature of the region and entertainment in this village.

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Here you can ride a water motorcycle andbicycles. Bathing in the sea is sure to give you pleasure, as its temperature in the season is quite high - in July and August, usually from 23 to 30 degrees Celsius. Most public institutions conduct a flexible pricing policy, so that you can relax even with a limited budget.

What to see in the vicinity of the city?

Due to the excellent location of the populationa point from these places are constantly carried out excursions and trips to Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson, to the capital of Moldova Chisinau. It is customary to organize tours around the reserve called Askania-Nova, as well as to the ancient Greek colony of Olbia. Be sure to go to Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, to the largest in Ukraine and a well-preserved fortress. There you can learn a lot of new things and see the famous historical monument. The nature of the region is also famous for its famous healing mud, which is rich in land adjacent to the Tigulskiy estuary in the Koblevo region.

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