Krasnodar Territory, Ol'ginka: recreation, private sector

The Krasnodar Territory enjoys a hugepopularity not only among Russians, but also among tourists from other countries. Warm sea, bright sun and good-natured local people will not leave anyone indifferent. Excellent here will be able to relax and active youth, and people of advanced age. And families with small children are advised to choose the private sector for their vacation. Olginka for this ideal!

Where is the village located?

Olginka is a small town inTuapse region of the Krasnodar Territory. Its population is no more than 2000 people. Despite this, during the summer period a huge number of tourists come here. Local residents can live all winter on the money earned for the holiday season.

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The Krasnodar Territory is famous for its beauty. Olga is not an exception. The village is in the valley of the Tu river. The nature here is really fascinating. It is not accidental that hotels and health-improving complexes were built here. For a long time already popular sanatoriums "Gamma" and "Orbita". To improve their health, they come here in summer and in winter. Parents in the warm season try to take often sick children here. Clean sea air helps prevent respiratory diseases.

How to get to the village?

Famous for good transport interchangeKrasnodar region. Olginka is a resort village. Therefore, you can get here in various ways. Faster and more comfortable you can get to the place on the plane. Its airport in Ol'ginka is not. But very little distance separates the village from Dzhubga and Tuapse. When booking accommodation, you can negotiate with the owners of the apartments about the transfer service from the air harbor.

It is perfectly possible to reach by train inKrasnodar region. Olginka is closest to the railway station in Tuapse. Practically from all over Russia, direct trains run here. The road, of course, will take much longer than flying on an airplane. This option is perfect for resting economy class. After all, air tickets are not a cheap pleasure.

Many tourists decide to go on their owncar to the Krasnodar Territory. The village of Ol'ginka will be easily found with the help of a navigator. Such a journey makes it possible not to depend on the schedule of air flights and railway trains. In addition, at any time you can stop to eat in a cafe and gain strength.

Holidays in the private sector

If the rest was chosen Olginka(Krasnodar region), the private sector is ideal for living. In the village there are many comfortable mini-hotels and cottages. The owners offer not only apartments, but also a number of additional services. In your spare time from the beach you can play billiards or swim in the pool. It is also possible to rent a car.

olginka krasnodar region private sector

Prices for accommodation in summer are formedalready in April. Krasnodar Territory, Olginka in particular, enjoys great popularity among tourists. Therefore, it is better to reserve a place for the holiday in advance in order to get the best prices and to guarantee the reservation of accommodation. Many seasoned travelers do it already in March. If you contact the owner of the cottage in June, then go on vacation will be only at the end of the beach season.

For those who do not have large financialopportunities, the village of Ol'ginka (Krasnodar Region) is also ideal. The private sector has cottages, cabins and apartments of different price categories. The most economical category is "Tourist". In the housing of this type of shower and toilet, as a rule, are located in a separate building, and in the room there are only a few beds and a refrigerator.

Beach holidays

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Famous for its wonderful beaches allKrasnodar region. Olga is not an exception. It is here that the best pebble beach in the whole Tuapse region is located. There is a very flat and comfortable bottom for swimming. The approach to the water is gentle, which is one more argument in favor of a rest in Ol'ginka with young children.

For lovers of sea entertainment on the beachThere is a rental of water motorcycles and scooters. There is also the opportunity to swim on a banana or yacht near the waterfront. Visitors to the beach will never remain hungry. So, the locals offer everyone to eat freshly baked corn or sweet baklava. And those who are tired of the scorching sun, can take shelter under the roof of the restaurant near the sea shore.

Municipal beach - the pearl of Olginka

The central beach of the village is a reala godsend for tourists. Water here remains transparent even in the high season. The width of the pebble strip is more than 50 meters. The length of the beach is also impressive - more than a kilometer. Despite this, in the summer to find a free place for his chaise longue is quite difficult. To soak up under the tender sun, you have to take a place on the beach from early morning.

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If there is a desire to relax not just by the sea, but inecologically clean place, you should go to the village of Olginka. The Krasnodar Territory has many beaches, differing in perfect purity. But the central municipal beach of Olginka can rightly take one of the first places. After all, algae and mollusks (of which there are many) in large numbers can only be in perfectly clean water.

The rivers in Olginka

In the village everyone has the opportunity to spendleave really high quality. After all, Olga (Krasnodar Territory) offers rest not only on the sea coast, but also at mountain rivers. The water here for bathing, of course, will not work. But the descent on the kayaks will not leave anyone indifferent.

The Tu River originates on the southern slope of the mountainLower Picket. In the very Olga, she already runs into the sea. Campaigns are organized from the village. The group rises to the hill and descends the river to the sea.

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The Kaban River is the largest tributary of the Tu. In its lower reaches there is a huge number of boarding houses and hotels. Clean air and crystal water of mountain rivers make it possible to cure various diseases and improve general health.


There are no monuments of ancient architecture in the village. Despite this, there are other places that attract tourists. What exactly is a trout farm "Alya-Forelia"! This landmark for many years is famous for Olga (Krasnodar Territory). Photos of the beautiful nature and bright buildings "Alya-Forelia" can always be seen in the catalogs of travel companies. There are entertainment for every taste. You can fry a shish kebab in the barbecue area or quietly fish. For an hour of such pleasure it is necessary to pay only 100 rubles.

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On the territory of the trout farm there are wooden houses with comfortable rooms. Here you can spend the night after a tiring fishing or even stay for the whole holiday period.

Where else to go to Olginka?

Will give a lot of positive emotionsin the valley of the river Ashe. Initially, you have to get to one of the Adyghe auls. Excursion includes tasting honey and local wine. The products are provided by the hospitable Adyghe family. Then tourists are invited to drive on all-terrain vehicles to waterfalls. This natural phenomenon is famous for Olginka (Krasnodar Territory). Photo of waterfalls is fascinating with its beauty. And if you see this splendor live, vivid emotions will be provided for a long time.

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