Reliable airline "Transaero". Reviews

One of the leading, dynamically developingcompanies, which deals with air transportation, is Transaero. It carries out both international and domestic flights. The first flights were made in 1990. The basic airports for this airline are:

  • Pulkovo (St. Petersburg);
  • "Domodedovo" (Moscow);
  • Koltsovo (Ekaterinburg).

In 2009, the airline provided the firstservices for the transport of passengers to Mexico. "Transaero" (feedback on this, too, indicate) is one of the most popular air carriers in the world. It was in 2009 that she took the seventh place among the largest airlines that carry tourists and switched to the system of electronic tickets.

In 2010, a newa unique service through which passengers are given the opportunity to track the delayed baggage through the official website of Transaero. Reviews about the company in the same year brought her a new award - she became the winner of the aviation award "Wings of Russia" as the best on the domestic air lines passenger carrier.

In 2012, a large number ofpassengers who took advantage of the company's services, it became the best among the air carriers of Eastern Europe. In the same year, an innovative project was launched. This is a new approach to working with passengers - "Levels of travel", which allowed to more closely establish the relationship between the carrier and customers. According to the British research center, the company is in the top five most secure in Europe. A distinctive feature of it is that all flights are carried out on wide-body, long-haul and medium-haul aircraft. To date, the company has not had a single serious accident.

The company "Transaero" to datepractically formed a route network. Therefore, now the priority direction of work is to increase the efficiency and improve the quality of the services offered. This direction quickly responded to the passengers. A loyal approach to non-standard situations, the quick resolution of conflicts arising on board, and polite servicing are all made possible by the development of a positive corporate culture, which is based, first of all, on the responsibility that each employee personally brings.

Transaero is the first airline in theThe Russian Federation has replenished its fleet with foreign-made aircraft that meet all the requirements and allows passengers of domestic flights to be discussed according to international standards. This allowed us to develop a whole system of discounts and incentives for regular customers.

An important role, especially with long flights,plays the food on board. The menu is to be updated every week, when compiling it, factors such as the duration of the flight, the traditions of the main flow of passengers, and the calculation of the optimum caloric value are taken into account. In addition, children were not left without attention, for them a special menu is offered by the company "Transaero". The passengers' comments tell about the peculiarities of the kitchen for children: natural yoghurt, roll, vegetable or fruit puree for toddlers.

Thus, this private airlinecreated by an innovative system. This allows us to provide quality services to passengers of Transaero. Testimonials of grateful customers did not take long: professionalism and service at altitude, rare delays in flights, ideal takeoff and landing. Moreover, the company continues to improve, for example, until 2014, the aircraft modernization system operates.

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