Long Beach Resort Hotel & Spa 5 * (Turkey, Alanya): description, photos and reviews

If you prefer comfortable hotels withexcellent service and as a place to relax at sea chosen so beloved by our compatriots Alanya (Turkey), Long Beach Resort Hotel & Spa 5 * can be an excellent option for staying on vacation.

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This hotel is located in the resort areaInzekum, on the very shore of the Mediterranean Sea. The distances to Konakli and Avsallar are 5 kilometers. From the center of Alanya, the hotel is 20 kilometers away. The nearest airport is in Antalya, 95 kilometers away. On the road from the air harbor in tourists takes about two hours.

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General description, photo

"Long Beach Resort Hotel & Spa" was built in 2006year. The area of ​​its territory is 75 thousand square meters. meters. It consists of a main seven-story building and twelve villas. Total housing fund of the hotel complex includes 748 comfortable rooms of categories "standard", "femilie duplex", "femilie duplex" suite, junior suite, grand suite, villa suite and femili chalet. There are also several apartments, specially equipped to accommodate people with disabilities.

There are several swimming pools on site -open and covered, with fresh and salt water, with Jacuzzi. Part of the pools is equipped with a water heating system. Next to them are sun terraces with comfortable sun beds, bars with drinks and snacks are open. Also in the hotel there is a water park for children and adults, an amusement park, a cinema, sports grounds, an amphitheater, a spa and much more. During the day and evening, there is animation for guests of all ages.

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Long Beach Resort Hotel & Spa 5 *: reviews of Russian travelers

Every experienced tourist knows first hand,how important it is to start planning ahead for a trip abroad. After all, the better you are prepared, the more difficulties and problems you can avoid during your vacation. In many respects it refers to the process of choosing a hotel. After all, in the popular resort areas of hotels there is a lot. And it is not enough just to be guided by the price of accommodation, as quite often the cost may not correspond to the quality of accommodation and services provided. Therefore, on the eve of the coming holidays many travelers begin to collect all the available information about this or that hotel. This is greatly helped by the study of the opinions of real people who have recently stopped in this place. After all, they try to talk about the shortcomings of a hotel, not focusing solely on the merits of this hotel. Thanks to this you can even before the departure to make a closer to reality idea of ​​what will await you on vacation. To save your time in search and analysis of reviews about Long Beach Resort Hotel & Spa 5 * (Alanya, Turkey), we offer you to familiarize yourself with the general comments of Russian tourists about this hotel. Looking ahead a bit, we note that almost all of our compatriots, according to them, did not regret their choice at all and are ready to recommend this hotel to all friends and relatives. But we will learn more about everything.

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Residential fund

Our compatriots, judging by their feedback,were very pleased with the rooms he offered in this hotel. In particular, tourists are advised to settle into a building called "Harmony" if possible. It is the newest in the hotel. In general, all the apartments seemed spacious, stylishly decorated, luminous. They are equipped with comfortable furniture and modern appliances. All rooms have a beautiful view (from many - to the sea). The apartments have spacious balconies or terraces. No complaints from the guests for the work of technology was not. But if something goes wrong, then it's enough to inform about it at the reception, and the problem will be fixed in the shortest possible time.

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Cleaning, service

About the hotel maid Long Beach Resort Hotel& Spa Deluxe 5 * (Alanya) no claims our compatriots did not express. On the contrary, according to them, they are coping with their task magnificently. Rooms are cleaned every day. Towels are also updated daily. Linen maids are changed twice a week. But if you want to change your bed linen out of turn, then inform the maid at the meeting or the receptionist at the reception. To your return to the apartment, everything will be done according to your request. Also, as inventory is expended, supplies of bath accessories (shampoo, soap, shower gel, shower caps, cotton buds and disks, toilet paper, etc.) are regularly replenished, as well as soft drinks in the mini-bar. Sometimes maids also build on the beds cute figures in the form of swans, hearts, etc., from towels.


For additional attention fromadministration of Long Beach Resort Hotel & Spa 5 *, photo of which can be seen in this article, can be counted by regular guests, as well as guests, for the period of their stay, which falls on some significant date - birthday, wedding anniversary, honeymoon. So, you can count on a small delicious cake, a bottle of wine or champagne and a basket of fruit that will be delivered to your room. Tourists, who have not stopped for the first time in this hotel, claimed that as a compliment they were able to visit not only the main and "a la carte" restaurants, but also a restaurant designed for those who live in villas.

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Arrival, departure

According to our compatriots, the settlementnew arrivals in their booked rooms in the "Long Beach Resort" begins at two o'clock in the afternoon. However, if you arrive at the hotel before, then a bracelet will be put on your hand immediately. Therefore, you can leave your belongings in the luggage room and go to the restaurant, to the pool or just to the beach, without losing a minute of vacation. After two hours you can go to the reception and take the key from your apartment. Luggage in your room will be delivered by the hotel staff.

As for the day of departure, then to release their apartments should be before noon. However, you can use the entire infrastructure of the hotel complex until the departure.

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As our compatriots note, Long HotelBeach Resort Hotel & Spa 5 * will enjoy even the picky in terms of food for the guests. So, you can eat on the territory of the hotel almost all day and night. The main restaurant hosts the main meals in the buffet style. According to tourists, the choice of dishes is always very wide, and the menu is almost not repeated. Therefore, you will always find than to satisfy hunger. The restaurant offers several first and second courses of meat, fish, poultry, salads, snacks, pastries, sweets, fresh fruits and vegetables. There is also a diet menu and a children's menu.

With pleasure the guests visited and restaurants"A la carte." There are five of them on the territory of the hotel. Here you can taste Turkish, Mediterranean, Italian, Mexican and Chinese cuisine. Prepare everywhere, according to travelers, very tasty. During the day, vacationers can also refresh themselves with fast food, Turkish tortillas, ice cream in one of the snack bars.

Since the "Long Beach Resort" operates in the format"Ultra ol inclusive" its guests can practically indefinitely serve free of charge both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. Moreover, all the guests were very pleased with their quality. According to them, only three kinds of champagne are offered here.

Beach holidays

The undisputed advantage of the hotelis its proximity to the sea. So, to your own beach "Long Beach Resort" you can walk from anywhere in the hotel complex in just a few minutes. The beach here, according to tourists, is not very wide, but extended. On the beach is mostly sand, and when entering the water at the bottom for several meters - a small pebble, and at the bottom there are large stones.

Sunbeds and sun umbrellas on the beach, likenote the tourists, a lot. So at any time you can find a free chaise longue. There are two piers on the beach. On one of them comfortable beds are installed. So you can swim both from the shore and from the pier.

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