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What does the phrase Tokio Hotel say to you? Yes, this translates from German means "Tokyo hotel". But still, we are talking about a youth musical group from the German city of Magdeburg.

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If you look at the photo of Tokio Hotel, you canSee that the group consists of four young boys. The beginning of its creation was put by two twin brothers, born in September 1989. Already at the age of nine, they began a singing career, and in 2001, after meeting with two of its future members, they created the Devilish band.

And only in 2003, when fate brought these young musicians with the famous producer Peter Hoffman, after signing a contract with Universal Music, the group became known as Tokio Hotel.

Exceptional authenticity of their musicpermeates with a mysterious sound, dragging a large audience into a fascinating cycle. All that was auditioned to the amazing songs of these guys, it seemed to be gray and boring. Numerous photos of Tokio Hotel clearly represent it. And on most of them - a bunch of fans ready to give everything to just touch these young musicians or get the coveted autograph from them.

Who are these guys from Tokio Hotel?

Let's get to know thesecelebrities. Once again looking at the photo of Tokio Hotel, we immediately note the founders of this group, so similar to each other, the brothers Tom and Bill Kaulitz. Two other young people who combined and made this quartet by their own efforts unique and popular - bassist Georg Listing and talented drummer Gustav Schaeffer - also stand out for their youth and charisma.

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An unusual style of music, its genuine sound,mysterious splendor captivated numerous listeners. In 2005, their famous single Durch den Monsun came out, which has conquered and still captures young hearts. And not for nothing Tokio Hotel has long been the first in the ranking of the best groups in Germany, has received many awards and approval from music critics. And after the release of Schrei's debut album for musicians, the epoch of sensational success began.

What is Tokio Hotel currently doing?

Numerous fans of this group have already grown up,some have families. What has become of these gifted children now, because now there are not so many people heard about them? To do this, just look at the photo of Tokio Hotel on the sites of the World Wide Web, to assess how they have changed.

It turns out that the Kaulitz brothers successfully conquer the famous Hollywood, often appearing in various show programs, and the other two musicians live a normal life, so similar to the life of the surrounding people.

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