Alushta. Sights of Crimea

Alushta is considered a small provincialtown. However, by the number of attractions, it can compete even with the "coolest" resorts of Crimea. There are also monuments of architecture, and very picturesque natural places, there is an aquarium and an amusement park. Let's dwell on some of them.

Alushta Attractions

Often, travel companies offerto make an ascent to Demeredzhi. It is a mountain, which is located near the city of Alushta. The sights of this place are in magnificent views that open onto the city. Here you can see stone blocks of bizarre shapes. And their forms are so unusual that looking at the shadows cast into the valley, you can see different images. Climbing the mountain is steep and rather tedious, so you should climb carefully and not hurrying. However, after a few minutes, looking around, you can see the valley in all its glory. On the uppermost platform is the real kingdom of stones.

Cave "Marble"

It is on the lowest plateau of the mountainMassif, between Simferopol and the city of Alushta. Sights of this place can be considered by making a sightseeing tour. The cave was discovered not so long ago, in 1987, after the studies, the first tourists were allowed to enter it only in 1989. She meets the guests with the "Fairy Tale Gallery", whose width is 20 meters. It is decorated with magnificent stalagmites and stalactites. They in their form resemble different heroes of fairy tales. Here you can see the princess and frog, and Santa Claus ... It is interesting that all the figures were created by millions of years, a drop by drop. In the gallery "Tiger walk" the grooves are also decorated with stalactites. At the bottom of the cave are visible baths with water, stone waterfalls. In the "Perestroika" hall, the walls are decorated with coral flowers, there is also a unique seven-meter stalagmite called "The Fallen Tower".

Aquarium (Alushta)

Alushta attractions photos
Attractions of this aquarium arein that it is the largest in Ukraine. It consists of 4 rooms, where there are different aquariums, open to visitors all year round. Here you can see 250 species of different fish that were imported from different parts of the world. In addition, there live a different species of crocodiles, crabs and turtles. It is famous for this aquarium of Alushta. Attractions, photos of fish and other inhabitants of this place, brought home, will help you mentally return to the Crimea.

The cable car to Ai-Petri

Those who decided to go through it, do not expectonly a lot of positive emotions, but also the experience of a sense of flight. Immediately after the opening, and to this day, this road is considered unique, since there is not one supporting tower between the middle and upper stations. Here in twenty minutes you can not only climb high, but also contemplate the sights of Alushta and the surrounding area.

Sights of Alushta and its surroundings
Fortress Funa

There are also historical places in the city of Alushta. Attractions are opened by the Fortress of Fun. She was part of the whole system of fortifications of Theodoro. This principality was one of the strongest in the Crimea in the XV century. The fact is that this state was Orthodox, and he constantly had to fight the Genoese. It is noteworthy that a plate with five coats of arms was found in the fortress, four of which are the family coat of arms of the princes, and the fifth is the Byzantine symbol, which later became the emblem of the Russian Empire. The main advantage of the fortress is that it does not need to go too far.

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