What to take on the train from food and drinks?

If you have a long journey torailway transport, it is necessary to think in advance which items and products to take with you. The right things make any trip much more comfortable, allow you to feel comfortable and cozy. One of the important stages of overcoming long distances on any transport is the preparation of food and drink on the road.

what to take to the train
In this article we will consider what to take to the train,how to organize meals in transport, what foods and drinks to prepare. After all, it is very important not only to fully nourish the family, but also to avoid food poisoning and other problems with the digestive tract.

What can I take to the train from food?

If you have a trip in the cold season,then you can strongly not worry - all the products stored will not deteriorate too quickly. But if you travel in summer, then because of the intense heat, the probability that the provisions will become worthless increases significantly. Therefore, we advise you to dine in the dining car during the hot season. So, let's consider what to take on the train to eat.

what can I take to the train

If you plan to take meat products, thenit is advisable to purchase a slicer in a vacuum package or a smoked sausage. Treat all sausage products with extreme caution, they are the most likely cause of poisoning. It is better not to take sausage, sausages, meat. If you want to take a chicken or eggs, they should be eaten at the very beginning of the journey, literally after the departure of the staff! We advise you to bring with you a mashed potato soluble, instant noodles, soups in cups, boiling water porridge (oatmeal, 5 cereals) or cereal. In any car, titanium with hot water always works, so you can easily provide yourself and your family a hot dinner.

what to take on the train

If you travel with children, do not forget to takebreakfast cereals or corn flakes, which is enough to pour juice. Then you do not have to think what to feed the child for breakfast. Do not forget about bakery products: crackers, dryers, breadcrumbs and whole grain breads are great for a long journey. They will not spoil and will be tasty throughout the journey. If you want to take regular bread, buy a sliced ​​or cut it beforehand. In no case do not make sandwiches at home - they will instantly become inedible. What to take on the train? take fruits and vegetables. Wash and wipe well beforehand. It is convenient to put fruits and vegetables in plastic containers, so that they are not wrinkled. Do not cut them into pieces, so they will quickly disappear. From fruit we advise you to take apples, strong, without dents. Soft and juicy pears, peaches or any berries will quickly turn into an unappetizing mass. From vegetables - cucumbers, tomatoes and bell peppers. Do not use on the train onion and garlic, remember that you are not alone in the car.

What to take in the train for snacks?

The most optimal snack option isdried fruits, nuts, seeds. They will not spoil in the heat and will perfectly satisfy hunger. Cookies can also be taken with you, but it's worth choosing without chocolate, glaze, jam and other ingredients that can get messed up. Do not bring chocolate sweets with you, they will melt and stick together. As for dairy products, they are undesirable to take on the road, because they very quickly become worthless. Maximum - buy a few yogurts (with a long shelf life) and eat them at the beginning of the journey.

embark on a train

What to take to the train from drinks?

To ensure a comfortable journeyyou need to think about what kind of drinks to take with you. Of course, you can not do without water. Take simple drinking water, without gas. Do not forget about tea, take with you a small package of tea bags. If you like coffee or cocoa - buy a few sachets of these instant drinks. For children it is desirable to take juice, it is more convenient to buy a capacity of 0.2 liters with tubules. Do not take alcohol on the train, especially strong. Do not overshadow the rest of the neighbors on the coupe! Be mutually polite. Have a good trip!

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