Timiryazevsky Park: a great place to relax

Timiryazev Park is one of the fewpreserved corners of old Moscow. Situated in the complex reserve "Petrovsko-Razumovskoye", it not only serves as an excellent resting place for thousands of Muscovites and guests of the capital, but is also an object of observation and research for students of the famous Agricultural Academy located on its territory.

Timiryazevsky Park

Its glorious annals Timiryazevsky Park is already runningfrom the XVI century, when here was located the village of Semchino, which was part of the estate of such famous families as Shuisky, Prozorovsky and Naryshkin. It was with the last genus, whose representative - Kirill Petrovich - was brought to the grandfather himself by Peter the Great, and the history of the construction of the temple here and the beginning of the planting of various trees and shrubs is connected. The future emperor himself, as the documents and numerous testimonies of his contemporaries show, repeatedly visited this park and personally planted several mighty oaks here.

Timiryazevsky Park map

Already in the XVIII century the future Timiryazevsky park becamepart of the estate of the Count Razumovsky, who built a small dam on the river Jabne that flowed here. This made it possible to arrange in this area several magnificent ponds, which are known to most Muscovites as Academic ones. It was with the graph that this area began to acquire the features of a classical French park: here there were several tracks, terraces, grotto and pavilion for a review of the surrounding nature.

In the second half of the XIX century, the future TimiryazevskyThe park, whose map was already formed in the main features, became the base for the Petrovsky Agricultural Academy. The project of the building, executed in a somewhat unusual Baroque style, was developed by the notorious architect N. Benois. The massif of the park itself was divided into 14 parts, each of which was planted certain trees and conducted some experiments. For several years the well-known scientist Timiryazev lived here, as well as the writer Korolenko.

Timiryazevsky Park, Moscow

Today it is difficult to find a better resting place thanTimiryazevsky park. Moscow should be grateful to its employees for the fact that despite the various kinds of cataclysms (military, political, economic), they and the leadership of the Agricultural Academy manage to defend it, like a small green island in a smoky and choking city. Muscovites like it for its primeval, for the lack of asphalt paths and many signs of civilization. But here there are aviaries with rare birds, you can meet pheasants, nightingales, owls, squirrels.

Timiryazevsky Park is an excellent resting place forall family. It is easy enough to find a place for a picnic and barbecue. For a small fee, you can make an exciting trip by boat and feed the ducks for free. Children can be very difficult to tear themselves away from uncomplicated rides on numerous playgrounds. At the same time, every vacationer needs to be as careful as possible to prevent a fire.

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