Brooklyn Bridge in New York City

The Brooklyn Bridge stretches for 1825 meters above the East River Strait in the United States. This bridge is one of the first suspended structures in America. It unites two areas of New York: Brooklyn and Manhattan.

The Brooklyn Bridge

Initially, this bridge was called the bridge of New York and Brooklyn. For the first time Brooklyn was named in 1867, and only in 1915 he was officially named after him.

Project history

Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan is associated with manysecrets and legends. The bridge often appears in various films on wide screens. The project was developed by the emigrant from Germany John Augustus Robling. At that time the idea of ​​the author of the project was quite unusual. He proposed to build a suspension bridge using steel cables as supports. This was a very bold decision, because at that time the steel was not very strong. But Robling did not stop this. He organized the production of steel ropes and, after conducting several experiments, received particularly strong products of his own design.

Brooklyn in Manhattan

Bridges of New York, and there are over the straitsseven, differ originality, but it is the Brooklyn Bridge which is the main attraction of the city. Its width reaches 26 meters, and height - 41 meters in the highest place.

Design Features

The bridge is divided in width into three parts. Two of them are allocated for cars moving unilaterally, and the middle band is intended for pedestrians and cyclists. In addition, for greater security, the pedestrian zone is fenced on both sides from the two sides, so that careless pedestrians do not break into a dense stream of cars.

Construction of the future masterpiece of architecture

Bridges of New York

The grandiose construction began in 1870,third of January, and lasted for 13 years. It is worth noting that the Brooklyn Bridge might not have appeared, had it not been for the enthusiasm of the engineers. City authorities for a long time were not allowed to begin construction, and when it was issued, John Robling, the developer of the idea and the project, was no longer alive. His business was continued by his son and sister-in-law, Washington and Emily Robling. But soon the son got serious injuries during the construction and could not personally engage in the project of his father. Construction continued Emily, she chose materials and made calculations of the reliability and stability of the structure. When the Brooklyn Bridge was completed, Emily Robling became the first female engineer to oversee the implementation of such a large-scale project. The grand opening of the bridge took place in 1883, in May. The builders of such a grandiose structure were immortalized, their names can be seen on its design.

New York City Attractions

Brooklyn Bridge and to this day remainsa favorite vacation spot and walks of New York residents. This is a kind of symbol of the city, which since 1964 is on the list of historical attractions of the nation. To emphasize the exclusivity of this design, a special illumination was installed, favorably emphasizing the beauty and features of the structure.

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