Victory Park: attractions, catamarans and other entertainment

Moscow district of the city of St. PetersburgIt is considered one of the most attractive for life due to many factors, including a large number of green spaces. Victory Park, located near the metro station with the same name, has long become a favorite holiday destination for residents of surrounding houses and neighborhoods. This square, occupying an area of ​​more than 60 hectares, was founded in memory of the victory in the Great Patriotic War.

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The landscape of the park is decorated in a regular style, anda lot of ponds give it special significance in the winter and in the summer. Straight paths, neat lawns, mighty trees with shady crowns make the garden an excellent place to rest on a hot summer day. Several entertainment options for every taste are offered to visitors of Victory Park. Attractions, catamarans, cycling and boating are all available for adults and children during the hours of work. And tents with ice cream and cotton candy can please children with their favorite treat.

A great way to have a good day off -visit Victory Park. Attractions located on its territory are intended for entertainment of people of different ages and preferences. In accordance with this, there are several zones - children's, for the whole family and a complex for lovers of extreme sensations.

In the children's part, they will find entertainment for themselvessmall visitors. This zone is designed in such a way as to maximally interest and attract kids. A variety of swings and carousels, as well as a slide and even a children's steam locomotive are capable of capturing children for a long time. But this is not all that attractive Victory Park. Attractions for the youngest are complemented by a playground and water fun. In addition, on weekends there are funny and bright clowns walking around the territory of the square, who arrange funny performances and competitions.

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Entertainment for people of all ages are locatedIn the family zone, which is famous Victory Park. Attractions here are designed for both children and adults who are not averse to a ride on the carousel and remember childhood. In addition, there is a shooting gallery, where you can check the accuracy and hardness of the hand and win a prize for memory.

The third section of the square is extreme - mostlyattracts young people who do not deprive of attention Victory Park. Attractions, breathtaking, allow you to distract yourself, experience unforgettable sensations and feel the rush of strength and energy that emits adrenaline into the bloodstream. One of the most popular fun is the classic "Roller Coaster", and the more unusual ones are "Hip-Hop" and "Kamikaze". They allow young people to spend leisure fun and interesting.

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Especially it is worth noting the availability of recreation insuch a beautiful place as Victory Park. Attractions, the prices for which do not exceed 120 rubles, will help to spend time with pleasure, saving the family budget. Sports grounds for playing basketball and other outdoor games, tracks for morning jogs and comfortable benches for rest and reading books make this oasis among the city - Victory Park - irreplaceable. Attractions, photos on the background of beautiful landscapes and flower beds, fresh air and silence among the bustling city each visitor will give a bright and memorable day off.

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