Metro station "Petrovsky Park". Station of the Third Interchange Line

The opening of the metro station "Petrovsky Park" is planned forAugust 2017. At this station passengers traveling along the Zamoskvoretskaya line in the direction of the north will be able to make the transition to the Third transfer circuit. Several times the discovery was postponed to a later date. According to the original plan, the metro station "Petrovsky Park" was to be put into operation as early as 2015.

Metro Petrovsky Park

Why do we need one more line?

Thirty years ago the scheme of the Moscow metrohad a completely different appearance. It was less branched, and each of its branches is not so long. But even then the plan for the construction of the chord line was under consideration. For a number of reasons, this project was rejected.

Today, the construction of stations that are part of theThe third interchange circuit (TPK) is being conducted quite actively. The opening of five new stations is scheduled for 2017. In 2018 the construction of the metro Lefortovo, Rubtsovskaya and Sheremetyevskaya should be completed. Why do we need a third transfer loop? What will give the inhabitants of Moscow the opening of new stations? Let us give an example.

A person who is not far from the metro"Kuntsevskaya", to get to the shopping center "Savelovsky" can, using land transport. There is another way, on the metro. But in this case he will have to drive three stops along the Arbat-Pokrovskaya line, then go to Koltsevaya and get off at Novoslobodskaya station. According to the Serpukhov-Timiryazev line, he will pass another three minutes and only after that will be in the shopping center (from the subway there is a transfer to the shopping center). So he will spend half an hour on the road. In this case, it will carry out three transitions from one branch to another, which is quite tiring. The opening of the stations of the Third transfer circuit will reduce this route in half.

metro station Petrovsky Park

Metro Petrovsky Park, as well asseveral stations under construction, will connect Kuntsevskaya and Savelovskaya. Every inhabitant of the capital has faced at least once with such a problem: you should get to an object that is territorially located nearby, but by land transport to reach long due to congestion on the road, and the metro will have to make several transitions and drive a lot of stations. With the completion of the Third Transfer Circuit, such inconveniences will be eliminated.


Petrovsky Park metro station, openingwhich will be held in late summer of 2017, is built on a standard project. As the pavilion will look, it is possible to see on a photo more low. In the construction of the stations of the Third interchange contour, the decorative design is reduced to a minimum. Not an exception and the metro station "Petrovsky Park."

metro station Petrovsky park opening


The metro station "Petrovsky Park"of course, will not only be a transplant function. It is being built in an area with many sights. And after the opening of new stations, they can be quickly reached from anywhere in Moscow.

Among the interesting places located nearunder construction of a subway, a park in honor of which the station was named. The park complex was created at the end of the XVIII century. This is one of the historical monuments of Moscow. Not far from the metro station with the same name, which will soon open, also the stadium "Dynamo" is located.

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