Terletsky Park - a fabulous corner of the capital

In Moscow there are many picturesque places, amonga special place is occupied by a wonderful forest park called Terletsky. Its area is 142 hectares, next to it is Izmaylovsky Forest Park - a specially protected area. Terletsky Park was founded in 1972, it has several names, for example, "Terletskaya Dubrava" or "Terletskie Ponds". There are more than five ponds with bridges, islets and small sandy beaches. The coastline is protected by concrete and log structures. The beaches have all the comfortable conditions for recreation: comfortable cabins for changing clothes, clean bathing areas.

terlecki park

Features of the park

In early 1972 Terletskiy Park was part of theIzmailovsky. After separation, he began to acquire his own characteristics. The park received the name from the owners of the estate, which before the revolution was located on this place - Torletskikh. Today, every visitor can see a wooden building with columns and the Church of the Savior of the Holy Face. The park consists of perpendicular alleys located, in addition, from the magnificent ponds you just can not take your eyes off. These ponds were already here in the 18th century. Today, of course, they are reconstructed and have a presentable appearance. The area of ​​the largest pond is 10 hectares.

terletsky park photo

Sightseeing in Moscow

Many believe that the most bustling city in Russia -this is Moscow. Terletsky Park, which is one of the most popular sights of the capital, shows that this is not quite so. The park is always glad to meet with lovers of a relaxing holiday in the bosom of nature. Recently it was reconstructed, and the city government equipped there a modern recreation area, built sports grounds and amusement corners. Zones for children were created, swings and attractions were put up. In addition, there is an opportunity to ride on a pond - on a catamaran, a motor boat. Terletsky Park has a stable. There you can learn how to ride horses, or simply rent them. For beginners, special instructors work, which at any time will help and train riding skills.

moscow terletsky park

Nature of the park

Terletsky Park (photo) is considered one of the mostbeautiful in Moscow. It has many trees, the age of which exceeds 300 years. There you can find linden, maple, birch and alder black. There are also pine, spruce and oak trees in the park. Of the animals there dwell ducks, dives and ordinary forest animals. Terletsky Park is full of children's play complexes, stairs, bridges, slides and other entertainment. All over the territory there are gazebos, canopies and benches. There you can relax, spend a day off or just enjoy the silence. The park is very large, you can go into the depths and no one will bother you. All items and details are perfect and complementary. In addition, information boards, free parking and small restaurants are located on the territory. Unfortunately, only ponds are regularly cleaned in the park, so trash on the walkways is not uncommon. Therefore, cleanliness in the park is the responsibility of every vacationer.

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