Where to go in September for holidays

It's great if you have to spend your vacation on your favoritethe time of year and exactly for the period you wanted. And if not? It would be foolish to spend the whole vacation at home. To have a rest in this case, most likely, it will not turn out: for a year so many domestic affairs have accumulated, that from idleness you will necessarily start to "rake" them and you will be more tired than you will rest.

In summer many people go to sanatoriums and recreation centers. But what if the vacation falls in the autumn? Where to go to relax in September? At this time in Russia is not so warm, and the recreation center now does not seem so tempting. So we need to look for other options.

If you are a fan of warm air, then choosing,where to go in September, give preference to the hot southern countries. The sea at this time has not yet cooled down and it is still possible to swim in it, but there is no such exhausting heat as in the summer months in Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia. During this period, together with the children, you can also go to the popular Spanish resort of Salou, where, except the sea, you can visit the amusement park PortAventura. It is also better to go to Cyprus at this time. It is worth noting and another undeniable advantage of recreation in this season: the cost of permits is reduced, there are so-called "burning" tours. Therefore, such a trip will not only bring many positive emotions, but will also save money for the organization of the trip.

If you choose to take part in thesome bright festival or festival, then decide where to go in September, go first days to the Netherlands. At this time in the city of Aalsmeer you can watch a truly magnificent spectacle, a parade of flowers. You will become a participant of various costume performances, you can dance and see the performance of musical groups and jazz bands. At the same time in Madeira in Portugal, you can take part in the Wine Festival. Here you can see a lot of funny theatrical shows, get acquainted with the folk dances of this country, see musical performances dedicated to wine and, of course, enjoy the fine taste of this high-quality drink. In Italy, Florence during this period will be a holiday lanterns. At night from 6 to 7 September, you can see a magnificent procession with paper lanterns, inside which will burn candles.

If you are planning a trip to the middle of thisautumn month, here you can list also a large number of places where to go in September is best during this period of time. In Italy, you can taste a piece of famous pizza at the eponymous festival held in Naples. For eleven days the whole city is enveloped by the beautiful scents of mozzarella, basil and fresh baked goods. In the UK during this period you can visit the Thames Festival, where you can observe and take an active part in parades, fairs with booths and attractions, dance, watch the show on a floating stage.

Where to go in September in the very last daysmonths? Of course, to Germany. Here at this time is the famous Oktoberfest beer festival, which lasts more than two weeks and captures the first week of October. It is here that you can appreciate the taste of the famous German beer to the fullest. In Italian Piemonte in the town of Bra is the Cheese Festival. Here it will be possible to taste the products of the most eminent cheesemakers. Austria on the very last day of this month celebrates the feast of pumpkins. At this time, you can try numerous pumpkin delicacies and buy a variety of crafts, in the manufacture of which this miracle-vegetable was used.

Now you know where it is better to go to rest in September, and therefore the news that your holiday has fallen for this month, you will perceive with joy and optimism!

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