Rest in Gelendzhik.

Gelendzhik in 2011 was recognized as the most popularBlack Sea resort of the Krasnodar Territory. It is worth noting that most likely this served as the unique location of this city relative to the sea. All the resorts of Gelendzhik are located on the shore of the picturesque and bright Gelendzhik bay, rest on the shore which is perfect for both adults and children. Apart from the main tourist areas, more than 20 large resort villages, such as Arkhipo-Osipovka, Divnomorsk and Kabardinka, are also resorts to the resorts of the city. For family and youth recreation there is a huge number of vouchers to this city. Also hot tours to Gelendzhik are chosen by people who have not visited quality sanatoria and boarding houses for a long time. But besides this Gelendzhik boasts of its quite high-quality hotels, which are perfectly equipped for a variety of leisure activities.

The beginning of the summer season and the arrival of new tourists inGelendzhik is usually celebrated with the help of a colorful carnival, which later is followed by a solemn procession of all visitors. At this time in the city there is a huge number of famous performances and concerts. In addition, there is a possibility that having issued burning tours to Gelendzhik a little before the arrival of the main tourists, you will have a chance to see a lot of sports competitions. For example, the European sailing regatta is arranged here every year in the sea, and in the mountains competitions for climbing the Markhotsky ridge often take place.

Also, the distinctive feature of these resortsis that the rest in Gelendzhik will be accompanied everywhere by playing music and smiling people. All this gives a good mood and a pleasant atmosphere of a permanent holiday. It is from the beginning of the summer arrival of tourists at the resort of Gelendzhik that all possible recreational activities are opened, and the sanatoriums and boarding houses begin at this time to work in a special reinforced mode.

However, in addition to purely everyday joys, in thisthe city is pleasant to you nature and climate. Especially the mild Mediterranean climate, which is much drier than in Sochi, as well as the warm sea and surprisingly gentle sun, will also give you many pleasant moments. For a more convenient and simple acquisition of tanning, everything necessary for a device on a sandy beach is equipped here. Incredibly clean and healing air at the resorts of Gelendzhik allows each person to literally be reborn. Also here are unique natural factors, such as iodine mineral waters and mud mud, which attract people here not only for treatment, but also for passing necessary relaxing procedures to everyone. Tourist life at the resorts of this city is bright and unforgettable.

Especially for people with poor health herecreated a natural boarding house, which is equipped with all the necessary modern medical equipment, and the staff consists mainly of qualified and time-tested doctors. So rest in Gelendzhik will help you and have fun, and improve your health.

Gelendzhik is a moderna resort town with developed infrastructure for any kind of active and passive recreation. Of the main attractions here are mineral springs and a cable-chairlift, which then ends with a beautiful park for extreme entertainment called Admiral Vrungel. The most popular holiday in Gelendzhik enjoys active recreation, as there are all possibilities for jumping, horse and sea walks. It is especially pleasant to arrange a holiday in Gelendzhik because at its resorts the prices for the services and entertainment provided are quite acceptable.

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