Airplane Boeing 757: layout of the cabin, the choice of the best seats and a bit about the liner

The release of Boeing 757-200 aircraft is enoughsuccessfully continued for 22 years. During the entire production period, 1050 airliners were put into operation, including 80 cargo aircraft of version 757-200PF. The planes were produced before 2005, but even today, many airlines, including Russian ones, operate them very successfully. In recent years dozens of passenger airliners "Boeing 757-200" have found their application as cargo versions of 757-200SF.

About what excites everyone when boarding a plane ...

Boeing 757 interior layout

No one will argue that passengers,ready for flight on any aircraft, not only on the liner "Boeing 757", the layout of the cabin is of less interest than flight safety. Especially today, when we all the time hear on television news chronicles about air crashes. In the entire history of the flight Boeing 757-200 aircraft losses amounted to only 7 units, and even then the reasons were not technical failure or breakage of the ship, but terrorist acts and a tragic confluence of circumstances. Only one accident in the city of Girones caused the death of the aircraft due to damage to the landing gear. The plane made a hard landing in adverse weather conditions.

Heart Boeing 757-200

Boeing 757 200 Scheme of the interior of the Nord Wing

Some technical information about the engines. The Boeing 757-200 liners were equipped with many nodes and aggregate systems, similar to those of the Boeing 767, a wide-body long-range aircraft. The Boeing 757-200 is equipped with two turbo-reactive Rolls-Royce units, which, when fully loaded, allow them to cover a maximum distance of 7,240 kilometers at a speed of 860 km / h. On the liners are installed Rolls-Royce RB211-535C with a capacity of 17000 kgs or Rolls-Royce 535E4, the thrust of which is 18000 kgf. On some aircraft in the motor unit installed turbines Pratt & Whitney, which are similar in all characteristics of the Rolls-Royce. At the same time, the composition of the powerplant has no effect on the carrying capacity of the aircraft and the seating position. The "Boeing 757-200" liners have the ability to climb to a height of more than 12,000 meters and, thanks to powerful turbo engines, develop a speed of over 890 km / h.

Boeing 757 scheme of the cabin wim avi

Boeing 757: interior layout

The passenger cabin "Boeing 757-200" can accommodateup to 240 people and have two offices - Economy and Business. For the crew there are two seats. Used in the "Boeing 757-200" airplane, the interior layout, best seats and their construction repeat the scheme that was used in previous versions of the liner of this class. One row consists of six seats, three seats on the left and three on the right, and in the middle there is a central passage. This is an optimal arrangement for passengers, and it is convenient for the flight attendants. Therefore, the engineers of the Boeing 757, the layout of which is universal, did not make any constructive changes in the location of the seats.

Boeing 757 interior layout for the convenience of passengers

The question of choosing the best place is often individual. Passengers who advocate for security will most likely prefer tailings, and those who suffer from motion sickness will choose the first rows. Many of us like to look alone in the porthole, surveying from the height of the expanse of the Earth. Such passengers will prefer places A and F. Those who need to get up often, including for health reasons, as well as fans of stretching their legs will choose places near the passage.

There is an expert opinion which placesare the best. Business class, equipped with folding backs and an increased intercross space, can provide more comfort than economy class. When choosing a seat during check-in, it is necessary to take into account the proximity of the bathrooms, kitchens and the presence of a number of emergency exits affecting the angle of reclining the chair so as not to experience discomfort during the flight.

To choose the best seats, consult airline managers

To date, Boeing 757 airliners are operated by many Russian airlines. Among them - "Wim Avia", "Nord Wind", "Yakutia" and others.

Each airline as part of the upgradecustomer service places on its websites detailed information about the structural features of the vessel, the duration and features of the flight, the possibilities of obtaining additional services on board the liner. The airline website presents, in addition to the general description of the Boeing 757, the layout of the cabin. "Wim Avia", for example, advises passengers who do not like to get into an unfortunate queue at the front desk, choose the first row, because in this case when landing it is possible to leave the salon first.

boeing 757 200 layout of the cabin the best seats

In terms of service, the first row also wins,because passengers who sit in this row, deliver food and drinks in the first place. But even here there can be certain inconveniences because of the neighborhood with the restrooms, besides, the feet rest against a solid partition, they can not be pulled out.

Features of accommodation for different categories of passengers

There are key key points and nuances thatIt contains the interior layout of the Boeing 757-200 aircraft. "Nord Wind" and other airlines operating the Boeing 757-200 aircraft, will certainly offer you the best accommodation option. Places in the 10th and 21st rows are considered optimal for high passengers. They are located behind emergency exits, there is a free legroom. If you travel with a child, in places that have proximity to emergency doors, you will not be imprisoned. If you travel in pairs, it is more convenient for you to choose the ninth row, in which there are places connected in pairs, and not three, and you will be more comfortable there. If you choose the tail, you do not have to tolerate the closeness of the toilets. In the 14th and 15th rows, in some cases there is no porthole, and those who wanted to survey the panorama of the Earth from above may become distressed. The seats in the rows, near which the emergency hatches are located, are not fully reclining or do not recline at all. This applies, for example, to the 19th, 20th, and 40th series. Take this into account and think about whether you can fly the entire flight in the same position.

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