Route Krasnodar - Sochi: how quickly to overcome the distance?

The route Krasnodar - Sochi is, perhaps, the mostpopular in the whole region. Overcoming the distance between these cities is easy enough - there are several options for this. It could be a bus, train or train. Some get by themselves - by car. In general, there are ways, and what to choose is already an individual matter.

Krasnodar Sochi

The fastest way

The car - that's with the help of what transportmeans you can overcome the route Krasnodar - Sochi fastest. If you move at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour, then to reach the end point, only 5 hours is enough. The distance, as one might already have guessed, is about 300 km. If you move faster, for example at a speed of 90 kilometers - then on the way you have to spend only 3.2 hours. You can, of course, take a chance and add up to 110 km / h - then it will take even less time, only 2.5 hours. However, we should not accelerate - firstly, this is not possible on all sections of the road, and secondly, this poses a danger to the driver, passengers, pedestrians and other road users. It is necessary to remember this - it is better to spend a little more time on the way, but to keep yourself safe.

Get directions

So, now it's worth talking about howto route Krasnodar - Sochi. How to get to the city? The easiest way to get directions is by using the navigator. The second is simply follow the signs. Third - download or buy a map and move in the direction indicated in it. And it is better to get acquainted beforehand which items can meet on the way to the city. This is useful information, as it will be possible to find out about gas stations, traffic police posts, dangerous road sections, etc. It is worthwhile to take the foresight - this will not hurt, especially if it's the first time to go.

Krasnodar Sochi distance by car

Railway transport

You can also buy in Krasnodar direction - Sochiticket to the train or train. They go with an enviable regularity, and it's worth the trip is not very expensive. For example, if you sit down at 6:15 on an electric train with the direction Krasnodar - Sochi (an intermediate long stop at the station Goryachy Klyuch), then at 11:30 you can go to the final one. Or you can take a ticket for the train Kiev-Adler, it will cost about 600 rubles, and the trip will take about six hours. The longest way is waiting for the passengers of the Kaliningrad-Adler railway direction - more than seven hours.

If you remember how much the trip can takecar (only 2.5 hours - the fastest option), then many will think about how to travel by car. You can lose a lot of time, but the cost will not be much different. Why? It's easy to count. Let's say the fuel consumption of the car is 10 liters per 100 km. The price of the cheapest gasoline is 28 rubles. Will have to refuel for 30.5 liters. Total - 851 rubles. Overpay 250 for the won 5 hours - a small price. Because many choose this option to overcome the distance Krasnodar - Sochi. The distance on the car is overcome much more quickly also because there is no need to make any stops and detours that are waiting for travelers who have chosen the railway option.

Krasnodar How to get there


Regularly in the direction of Krasnodar - Sochi go andbuses. This is the most popular way to overcome the distance between cities. And inexpensive, and relatively fast. The average is between the train and the car. The first bus departs from Krasnodar at 00:15, in Sochi it arrives at 7 am. However, it should be noted that this is the maximum amount of time. Usually it is 1-2 hours less - at night, buses travel much faster. Up to five in the morning there are still seven flights - you can choose any. But then - a big break (up to 11 hours). Only at 23:25 you can take the bus Krasnodar - Sochi, which originally followed from Kislovodsk with a stop in the capital of the region.

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