To whom, when and how is the leave granted

With the approach of summer, everyone wants to relax. Advertising travel agencies attracts travel enthusiasts, and someone is eager for the old people to the village. The first obstacle in the way of fulfillment of desires is to receive work leave.

However, this can not always be easily solvableproblem. Much depends on the employer. Does not want to - will not let go. What to do? Refuse to have a family vacation, promise the children that the trip is being postponed? Or maybe get determined and talk with the leader. Still, one must be able to defend one's rights. For this it is important to know what we have by law.

Who is entitled to leave?

Annual paid leave for the first yearwork is available to all employees. The only condition is one - you need to work continuously at a given enterprise (organization) for six months or more. However, before the expiration of this period (that is, before the expiry of 6 months), the right to rest for women who are on maternity leave may be used. This category includes minor workers and those who adopted a child for up to three months. Over subsequent years of work work leave is given in order of priority at any time of the year.

Who is first?

Priority of leave grantedemployees, is established in accordance with the approved schedule of holidays agreed by the head with the trade union organization. To find out about the beginning of your vacation, the employee has the right not later than two weeks. Labor Code of the Russian Federation leave annual opalachivaemy guarantees the husband at a time when his wife is on maternity leave.

If the employee has had cases when he was unable to take advantage of the right granted to him, for example, due to temporary incapacity for work or the performance of government assignments, then work leave may be extended or rescheduled for a different period. The employee's wishes are taken into account in this case.

So, tickets are bought, suitcases are collected. And suddenly the call from work. Does the employer have the right to recall his employee? Only by the consent of the employee. If you can give the employer some part of the leave, the remaining part must be at least 14 calendar days. Unused vacation days must be provided at any time at the employee's option. A recall to work is not possible for future mothers, under-age workers or employees of harmful (dangerous) working conditions.

The legislation of the Russian Federation protects the right to work leave Only when the employment contract is registered. If, however, the employee, when hiring, agreed to work without having to issue this important document, to claim an annual paid vacation, he can not.

Does fixed-term employment contract in accordance with the law? Yes, regardless of the term of the contract, an employee can use his vacation.

What can I do if I have a very interestinga trip and put off rest do not want. In this case, by agreement with the employer, you can apply for leave without pay. However, this is possible only if your manager finds the reason for the holiday to be respectful.

In normative acts, only a fewthe reasons that can become respectful: for family reasons, for the health of a close relative (and a serious condition), any disasters or misfortunes that have befallen an employee or members of his family, the circumstances associated with children's summer holidays. The same list includes send-offs for army service and examinations to the university. This list is only recommendatory, and the employer has the right to decide whether your reason for leave without pay is respectful.

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