Hotel "Tofiness", Cyprus. Reviews about the rest

Hotel "Tofinis" (Cyprus), about which wewe will present below - this is actually the city "quartet". It is almost immediately at the very center of the village of Ayia Napa, and at the same time in ten minutes of walking from the sea. Despite the fact that the hotel does not position itself as a luxurious palace, where tables are filled from the dishes from morning till evening (only half board is practiced here), it is popular with people who come to rest. Let's see how they characterize the hotel "Tofinis".

Hotel tofinis cyprus reviews

Cyprus ... Reviews about this island, especially the youngpeople, always infected with a positive. And if we are talking about such a "tusovochnom" resort, as Ayia Napa, and even more so. Needless to say, the hotel, which is not so far from all sights - for example, the famous "Bridge of Lovers" - and at the same time at a sufficient distance from never falling asleep clubs and discos, deserves praise. And in the center, and in nature, among the greenery - that's how you can briefly characterize the location of the hotel. Even the fact that the beach had to go up the stairs, did not embarrass the holidaymakers in the complex "Tofinis".

Hotel (Cyprus, reviews about which are often mentionedstones and cliffs, does not always please guests with a sand) has a large, well-groomed beach, which is a great rarity in Ayia Napa. And the places for swimming were not worse than the advertised Nissi Beach. Although this is an ordinary municipal sandy beach. And, of course, the insanely beautiful color of the waters here leaves no one indifferent. And the fact that the hotel is on a hill, means that from the windows of the room you can see the famous Cypriot landscapes. Some tourists even write that it is one of the greatest pleasures to drink refreshing drinks or tea on the balcony from which Cape Greco's Cape is visible, where excursions are carried out.

Tofinis Hotel Cyprus reviews

What is still good hotel "Tofinis"? Cyprus - reviews of holidaymakers are almost unanimous in this regard - famous for its cuisine. And in spite of the fact that guests are mainly waiting for suppers and breakfasts, you can fully enjoy all the dishes that the island is famous for. What is there meat and vegetables - and salads, seasoned with real olive oil of the first pressing? And shrimp, oysters and lobsters? A strawberry with cream and melting croissants in your mouth? In a word, holidaymakers quite seriously say that they left the restaurants not only well-fed, but also happy. And they were glad that they had come to the hotel "Tofinis".

Cyprus aia napa hotel tofinis

Cyprus - reviews about beautiful and historical placesThe islands are whole ode - of course, worth a visit. And this hotel is a convenient starting point for a variety of excursions. Very close to it - Protaras with its amazing fountains and the place where, according to legend, the goddess of love came out of the sea - Paphos, which is on the list of the heritage of mankind. Excursions, by the way, are advised to take from the city travel agency, and not in the hotel - it's cheaper and more interesting. The storm of ecstasy is usually caused by riding on donkeys followed by a tasting of local wine.

If we talk about living in the hotel itself, thenrooms are characterized as large and at the same time cozy. There you can relax after a noisy party, and after gambling shopping, and after a tiring sun. And the people here are nice, good-natured, smiling. Therefore, there are so many positive comments about the trip to Cyprus (Ayia Napa). Hotel "Tofinis" is also often called a pleasant place where you want to return.

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