How many kilometers to Kiev from Moscow? How long does the journey take?

From the glorious capital of the Russian Federation to the ancienthail Kiev, stretched on two banks of the Dnieper, laid many roads. In order to find out how many kilometers to Kiev from Moscow, you need to decide on the type of transport that is preferable for overcoming the unobtrusive path. Consider the basic methods of movement, we will weigh the advantages and disadvantages of all of them.

Air routes from Moscow to Kiev

Flight from one capital to another is the fastest way to overcome the road.

How many kilometers to Kiev from Moscow
In addition, proceeding from the axiom thatthe shortest way from point A to point B is a straight line, and the air way of moving to Kiev implies exactly this line, then we inevitably come to the conclusion that this way is also the shortest. How many kilometers to Kiev from Moscow when carrying out the movement by means of air communication? Answer: a little over seven hundred and twenty kilometers. When you take into account the area of ​​Kiev itself, which is about eight hundred and fifty kilometers - this is mere trifles. The distance from Moscow to Kiev is covered by aircraft for an hour and a half.

This mode of transport is also the most comfortable. Even economy class flight is incommensurably more pleasant than moving by road. The Internet makes booking tickets for any flight convenient.

From Moscow to Kiev
Their cost varies between the marks of 6700 and 30750 rubles.

By the disadvantages of air overcoming the path can be attributed to the high cost of tickets and individual hostility to an air flight for fear of insecurity.

Railway connections Moscow-Kiev

The railway route from Moscow to Kiev is nothas a unique estimate. Comfort and travel time are closely related to the type of train chosen for movement. How many kilometers to Moscow from Moscow is the railway track? Answer: about 870 kilometers. With the average speed of movement of the railway transport, taking into account the time spent on stops at stations, the path can take from 12 to 25 hours. Yes. Not an airplane.

By train with comfort

Development of technologies of railway branchallows you to make the most comfortable way to the capital of a neighboring state. Using a luxury ticket, the passenger has access to a wide range of services. Quality of customer service Luxury class is much higher than others.

A relatively new service - e-ticket, which can be ordered through the Internet and pay by bank transfer, is an additional convenience.

The brand trains of this message are morefast and comfortable. The cost of tickets to Kiev for these trains ranges from 2300 (reserved seats) to 7200 (SW), and the journey time is reduced to seven and a half hours.

In addition to temporary advantages, brand trains are able to offer a whole list of services:

Distance From Moscow to Kiev

  • The presence of a coupe for the disabled with strollers;
  • electric heating of wagons;
  • shower complexes (luxury cars);
  • washbasins, in a compartment of the CB-class;
  • air conditioning in all cars;
  • availability of a car for
  • carriage of passenger cars;
  • wagon cafe and restaurant type.

To the minuses of overcoming the way by railway means of transportation are time (not always 7 hours) and inconveniences connected with restriction of free movement during the journey.

All flights to Kiev are carried out from the Kiev railway station in Moscow.

Highways in Kiev

If the preference for overcoming the path to the Ukrainianthe capital is given to automobile highways, the list of necessary knowledge about the forthcoming road must be significantly expanded. In addition to information about how many kilometers to Kiev from Moscow, how much time for the road will be spent and how much it will cost, you need to find some clarifying information on the Internet. Among them should be the following data: on the quality of the road surface, the number of gas stations encountered on the way, rest areas for drivers, points of the HKDD, including unofficial ones, and other numerous nuances, in other words, everything without which the road can be very unanticipated.

Time difference Kiev-Moscow

The most common route is the route "Moscow-Obnensk-Zhizdra-Bypass route Bryansk-highway Bryansk-Gomel-border of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus-Chernigov-Kiev.

How many kilometers to Kiev from Moscow? This path is 970 kilometers and is the longest. Calculation of gasoline is made based on the number of liters consumed by this individual car. The distance from Moscow to Kiev is overcome in 10-15 hours, depending on the time spent on customs, the number of stops for snacks, and the speed of movement directly.

... And a little about the final point of the road

Whichever route and mode of transport wasis preferred, the universal for all cases is the recommendation to switch the clock to an hour ago, since the time difference between Kiev and Moscow is exactly one hour. The Ukrainian currency is the hryvnia. It is approximately four Russian rubles.

In general, Ukrainians do not differ much from Russians - and appearance and manners, so that, having arrived in distant Kiev, a Russian person will not feel any difference with his homeland.

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