Leave without pay

In modern conditions to find a good jobnot easy. If you are lucky, and you work in a good company, get a decent reward for your work, enjoy spending time with colleagues at work, then you are unlikely to allow absenteeism without good reason.

If there is a good place to work andResponsible attitude to the need to stay at home for various reasons, often associated with illness of relatives or repair, can put you in a state of shock. But do not despair ahead of time: in such situations, workers are granted leave without pay.

In order to use it you need to writein the name of the head of the application for leave without pay and indicate in it the reason why you are forced to temporarily not work. Do not be afraid to stay without another paid vacation, they have nothing to do with each other. For this reason, leave without pay is often called an additional leave.

Before contacting the relevantthe statement to the manager, every employee should know that leave without pay can be provided at the discretion of the administration, provided that the conditions for the enterprise are available for this. In other words, if your company received an urgent order and all work in emergency mode, there is no need to ask for additional rest at this time, it is unlikely that the administration will satisfy such a request. True, if you really have extraordinary life circumstances, you can take a chance. Do not forget that your boss is an ordinary person, and for sure, will be able to understand you and help. But, trying to arrange personal affairs, you should not think up incredible stories and try to deceive everyone. In the future, the lie will certainly come to the surface and may cause your dismissal or create a conflict situation. It's not worth the risk: though, it's still safer.

Many enterprises have cases in whichThe administration is obliged to provide additional leave, stipulated in the collective agreement. This includes funerals, seeing off in the army, weddings and the birth of a child. Sometimes such a vacation is granted to parents whose children went to first grade.

In some cases, leave without payfees administration is forced to provide, regardless of the situation in your company. This refers to the provision of parental leave for up to three years. At the same time, such a vacation can be used not only by the mother, but also by any member of the family, including grandparents. The law grants the right to use such leave in parts. For example, for three months the mother takes care of the baby, and then the daddy does this for three months. However, you can make any schedule for caring for the baby and in accordance with him to take leave without saving the salary in the enterprise.

The right to additional leave, in whichThe administration has no right to refuse you, all mothers with two or more minor children have. If you have not used it for a year, you can extend the duration of your next vacation by two weeks.

This right is granted to HeroesSocialist Labor and many other honored people who have government awards. But the inhabitants of the far north, Sakhalin and Kamchatka get extra leave to get to the place of rest and the main holiday. Sometimes it takes at least two weeks.

During a holiday without content you can notdismissed, transferred to a new place of work or demoted. Do not forget about it, and safely use the opportunities given to you by law for recreation.

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