How to take the currency to Tunisia tourists

Tunisia is a rather popular tourist destinationdirection for those who prefer beach holidays. Favorable geographical position, democratic cost of rest and endless sandy beaches are what attracts many Russians. In the current economic situation, the unstable position of foreign currency, the question of how to take the currency to Tunisia to Russian tourists is quite relevant. It is better to think in advance of the financial nuances, to trust the experience of more experienced travelers.

What currency to take in Tunisia

A little about the resort

Before looking for an answer to the question, what currencytake in Tunis in 2016, let's talk about the resort itself and the features of recreation. So, Tunisia occupies the northern part of Africa, therefore it has all the necessary climatic conditions for a truly paradisiacal rest. The season lasts from May to October, but many tourists arrive here in the autumn and even in winter, without fear of strong winds. Most hotels work on the "All inclusive" system, holidaymakers do not even need to leave the hotel grounds in order to enjoy all the delights of leisure.

I want to remind tourists that Tunisia -Muslim country. Therefore, it's a good idea to get acquainted with some peculiarities of behavior in public places at the planning stage. In the resort area, the attitude to alcohol is less radical, it is allowed to drink wine and liquor. Girls during a walk on local streets do not need to denude their body: give preference to free, knee-length outfits.

About currency

So, the official currency of Tunisia is the dinar. To date, one Tunisian dinar is equal to half the US dollar. The currency was issued and put into circulation in 1960. Payment for services, purchases in local stores occurs exclusively with dinars. Some markets accept dollars and euros.

What currency to take to Tunisia in 2016

What money to buy?

What currency is more profitable to take to Tunisia? It is clear that the official currency is a dinar, but it is unlikely that someone will change it in rubles in Russia. The relevance of the issue is primarily due to the overabundance of numerous exchange transactions. Moreover, recently cases of deceiving inexperienced tourists by local citizens have become more frequent.

If you do not know which currency to take to Tunisia,take dollars or euro. Export of local currency from the country is strictly prohibited and punishable by law - this rule needs to be treated more carefully. If you choose between the dollar and the euro, there is no fundamental difference between them in Tunisia. This currency can be exchanged at the official rate, which all banks and exchange points adhere to. Some tourists, when answering the question which currency is better to take to Tunisia, answer that the dollar and the euro.

Which currency is more profitable to take in Tunisia

Features of the exchange of money

During the exchange operations on the territory of Tunisia you should save all receipts: they will be needed for you when you reverse the exchange of the national currency.

We considered the question of how to take the currency to Tunisia. It remains to understand how much money to change at a time. Given the ban on the export of foreign currency, you should change exactly as much as you may need for a few days. So you can save, because you save yourself from the reverse, absolutely unprofitable exchange. Moreover, the airport may simply not have the required amount of dollars or euros. Then the tourist will have serious problems.

Banks and exchange offices are open from 8:30 to 16:00 with a lunch break from 11:00 to 14:00 local time.

Russian Rubles in Tunisia

Quite often, tourists do not know which to takecurrency in Tunisia, so decide to go on a trip with Russian rubles. In this issue they are guided exclusively by their experience, because in fact in many countries, the same Thailand, they calmly treat the ruble and change it to the local currency. Sometimes even the rate is more profitable than in the case of dollars and euros.

Which currency is better to take in Tunisia

It should be remembered that Tunisia is an exception inthis case. The Russian ruble is a simple piece of paper that has no value. You can not exchange it for a dinar or any other currency in any bank or exchange office. To not leave yourself without a livelihood in a foreign country, do not even think about the question of the ratio of the ruble and the dinar, be stocked immediately with dollars or euros.

We hope that you will get a tremendous pleasure from your holiday in Tunisia.

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