Interesting village Vityazevo: entertainment for children and adults

Vityazevo is a very small village inKrasnodar region, located on the Black Sea coast. A great place for a family holiday with children, couples in love or a group of friends. There is everything to fully relax. Many modern hotels near the sea, excellent private holiday complexes. In Vityazevo there are any entertainments. Nobody will be bored here. Men can go to a billiard club or bowling alley. Also there is an excellent modern sports complex. Children can have fun in an amusement park or dolphinarium. There is a good water park. Catamarans are offered for hire.

Embankment "Paralia"

vityazevo entertainment
Known among holidaymakers is the embankment "Paralia". It is always happy with various competitions, concerts and other events. Vitiazevo is a resort village. Therefore, people survive in it only thanks to tourists and tourists. Despite the fact that the village of Vityazevo is very small, entertainment here is quite diverse. There is a decent choice, and miss the hotel room just do not have to.

It is characterized by clean and beautiful sandy beaches. At the same time they are long, and with the real white sand. All the guests have enough space.

I want to note a well-developed infrastructure.

Adult Entertainment

For the company of friends there are many clubs, discos, bars. Very good club Mexico. And the "Paralia" is always noisy and fun. There is music, people are having fun, dancing and enjoying a wonderful holiday.

Vityazevo: excursions and entertainment

vityazevo excursions and entertainments

Very many do not know about the existence of wineplant in such a small village. There are large plantations here. Mostly varieties of green grapes. You can book excursions in Vityazevo, and go sightseeing. After them, there is an opportunity to try and purchase wine of good factory quality.

There are interesting temples that followbe sure to visit. There are various excursions to the nearest places, including Anapa. You can go to a tunnel aquarium, ride a European yacht, go fishing in the sea. This is an active, but extreme holiday. From Vityazevo there are excursions to Taman, which is famous for its mud volcanoes, a small zoo and a beautiful beach of the Azov Sea. It is also recommended to try Utrish dolphinarium and holy places. Near Vityazevo are located the most important and marvelous places of pilgrimage throughout the northern part of the Krasnodar Territory.

anapa vitiazevo entertainment


Entertainment in Vityazevo for children offers a large water park "Olympia". Modern, with lots of slides not only for kids, but also for adults.


In Vityazevo there are a large number of bars,restaurants, cafes, where you can eat and just relax. There is also a large market with a huge assortment of clothes, souvenirs, products. The prices for a holiday village are quite affordable and cheap.

You can safely choose this place to relax withsmall children. The hotels provide comfortable conditions for their stay. What else can boast resort village Vityazevo? Entertainment for little ones here are also available. For example, there are attractions. Babies just will not be bored, and the rest will be useful and fun.

entertainments in children's play for children

Vityazevo is no worse than other famous resorts. . Many people think that they are bored and puzzled by the question: "What are the entertainment in Vityazevo?" Given the above options, we can conclude that it will not be boring to anyone. Adults can relax and fully rest, while the children will have fun. Every year, recreation in the village of Vityazevo is becoming more popular. Therefore, it is better to book accommodation in advance. This will help to save considerably.

The village is very beautiful, clean, comfortable. The locals are very nice, sincere, sympathetic people. Always happy tourists and do not refuse to help. A beautiful place on the Black Sea coast. Very beautifully combine vineyards and a blue clear sea. Special fresh air and a wonderful climate.

what there is entertainment in the Knighthood

Feast of wine

It is worth choosing the time according to localactivities. I want to note that the entertainment in Vityazevo is unusual. Traditionally, every season is a wine festival. After all, the village is famous for its winery and vineyards. Therefore, they arrange a holiday in honor of this and invite everyone to a tasting. In addition, various contests, games, concerts are held.

Choosing a vacation in Vityazevo, no one will have toregret it. Among the proposed resorts of the Black Sea, it takes a worthy place. All those who want to have a good and pleasant rest must go there.

When deciding where to go on vacation, people take into accountbudget and financial opportunities. This is the main advantage of rest in Vityazevo. Here you can not only economically, but also fully enjoy your time. Once I came to this place, I want to return to it again and again.

Where is the village? How to get to it?

The village of Vityazevo is located 12 kilometers fromAnapa (known settlement with a large number of residents). People from different countries come to see these places, but most of all here are Russian holidaymakers. By car from Anapa to Vityazevo ten minutes drive. Therefore, you can immediately see two settlements.

A small conclusion

Now you know what Anapa, Vityazevo represents. Entertainment here is interesting and diverse. Those who decide to spend their vacation here are unlikely to regret it.

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