Tatarstan: the central bus station (Kazan)

For several decades Kazan has been one of the largest tourist centers in Russia.

Kazan Central Bus Station
Guests of the city take a train station andCentral Bus Station. Kazan and its international airport are glad to welcome tourists not only from Russia, but also from all over the world. In the article we will talk about the Kazan bus station.

Kazan is the connecting link between the West and the East

Geographical position of the capital of the RepublicTatarstan is unique in that it lies between the two sides of the world: Asia and Europe. The city is more than a thousand years old, and it has always been the link between East and West. Historically, many events that took place in Russia and the world are connected with Kazan. For example, the Great Volga route, which connected Scandinavia and the Arab countries, passed near modern Kazan.

Kazan central bus station address
Bulgaria, in particular, Kazan, played an importantrole in the fight against the Mongol conquerors. Then, however, the tax collection center for the Golden Horde was established here. One way or another, Kazan was and continues to be a key trading and economic point first of Bulgaria, then the Horde, now Russia.

Kazan: ways of communication

In recent years, the "capital of the East"a large number of mass events, both municipal and international. Every year, due to the volume waves of visitors, the load on the stations, ports and airport of the city increases. So, in 2013, the first student sports Universiade was held in the Russian Federation.

Kazan bus station central
It was attended by representatives of one hundredsixty-two countries. Of course, the city authorities prepared for the arrival of the participants. Railway stations, the airport and the central bus station have been optimized. Kazan simultaneously took part in the cultural Universiade. Athletes and speakers served more than five hundred buses and more than a thousand cars.

Kazan: the bus station "Central"

The central bus station (Kazan) has long established itself as an excellent place for the rapid acquisition of tickets, for a comfortable waiting of transport, for convenient landing and disembarkation on the platforms.

Kazan Central Bus Station
The bus station mainly serves residentsa suburb of Kazan, for which the city is a place of work and leisure. Also permanent residents of the Kazan bus station are residents of other regions of Tatarstan. For example, there is a demanded flight, which serves the central bus station - "Kazan - Nurlat". The city's importance as an economic, financial, shopping center is growing. Here there are enterprises and firms working all over the world. Through the city of Kazan (bus station "Central") is the mass of goods from Russia and CIS countries. Passenger buses run to the cities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The location of the bus station "Central"

Some visitors of Kazan are asking questions aboutwhere is the central bus station (Kazan), how to get there. It is located in the central ancient area of ​​the city - Vakhitovsky. Not far from it there is a river port of the city of Kazan. The central bus station, whose address: street Devyataev, house 15, is surrounded by two parks: Karima Tichurina and the Newlyweds' Park.

Before the trip, the citizens and guests of the city havethe opportunity to relax in the fresh air and enjoy the scenery. Arriving at the railway station to the visitor of the city who is passing through Kazan, you can walk to the bus station on foot: first along Burkhana Shahidi Street, then along Gabduly Tokay Street, then along Tatarstan Street. On the way, there are such sights and monuments as Burkhan Shahidi Square, Galeevsky Mosque, Kayum Nasyri Museum-Estate.

The role of the bus station in the life of the city

Located in the central district of the city, the central bus station (Kazan) is the place where tourists' fees are set before departure.

Central Bus Station Kazan Nurlat
Here, some travel agencies meet and see off their customers. From here comes the stream of workers from other settlements of the republic. This is the starting point for the applicants entering universities.

For large cities the role of bus stations is great. The economic and financial well-being of the whole settlement and even of the Republic depends on the quality of their work and their reliability. In anticipation of a large stream of participants of the Universiade (2013) and tourists in Kazan, another bus station was built - "South". This is a modern, equipped with the latest technology building. The station is designed for daily service of the population in an amount of up to five thousand people. He carries out transportation mainly in the south-east and south directions.

Other points of external transport in Kazan

In addition to bus stations, Kazan hasrailway stations, river port, airport. The railway station "Kazan Passenger" is located in the center of Kazan. Some of the city's attractions are within walking distance of it: a magnificent promenade, the famous Palace of Sports. You can reach the Millennium Square, near which the main sights of the city are located, including the UNESCO-protected ensemble of the Kazan Kremlin.

The station "Uprising - Passenger" is a newrailway station, located near the metro station "Severny Station" on Vorovsky Street. An additional railway junction existed on this site since the 1960s. A modern railway station complex was built for the Universiade. In twenty-six kilometers from Kazan is the airport "Kazan". This is the only airport in Russia that has a quality level of "4 stars".

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