Airbus A319. Salon layout and best seats

"Airbus" is today one of the mainsuppliers of aerial aircraft around the world. A world-famous company has its own production in several European countries: Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom. The headquarters of the aircraft giant is in a small town called Blagnac, in the suburbs of Toulouse, France. The staff is about 50 thousand people. The airline produces a full range of aircraft, including the Airbus A319 aircraft, the cabin layout which allows seating up to 156 seats (in an enlarged version), depending on the customer's desire and configuration.

The Airbus A320 family

The most advanced aircraft for that time, released in1988, he became the first passenger liner in the world to use EDSU (electric remote control system). Such aircraft narrow-bodied construction designed for medium-haul flights and flights for short distances. The main rival of the family of such winged cars is a series of American-made Boeing 737 airliners. The increased demand for such aircrafts forced the company's management in February 2008 to open a second production center in Hamburg - Finkenwerder. Up to this point, there was only one site in Toulouse, where the final assembly of Airbus A319 was made. The aircraft cabin layout was determined by the Airbus model. The smallest of this class, the A318, could take up to a maximum of 138 people, and this when it is assembled into one class (economic Y).

airbus a319 interior layout

Shortened fellow

In the industrial line of medium-haulnarrow-body aircraft there is also a shortened version of the 320th - model Airbus Industrie A319. The layout of the cabin of this aircraft is shortened to two rows of passenger seats due to a shorter fuselage. The basic variation of the model is designed to carry 116 passengers, however, at the request of the customer (airline), passenger lounges can be formed individually. The future operator himself chooses the number of cabin classes, their status and the distances between adjacent seats from the manufacturer's recommended range. "Airbus A319" can be composed of three classes of salons: first, business and economy. In the most economical variant, when equipping the car with the only cabin of economy class, 156 people can fly on the Airbus A319 at a time. The layout of the cabin in this configuration will have a minimum distance between adjacent rows of seats, 28-30 centimeters (about 11 inches).

airbus industrie a319 interior layout

Where are the best places?

Standard "Airbus A319" with basic configurationEconomy class Y for 156 seats has 26 rows, three joint seats to the side of the central passage (six seats in a row). No doubt, the best seats on the plane are in the first row. Without the front seats and the increased distance for the feet, the potential of such places was appreciated by many, if not to say, almost all air carriers that sell a reserve for them for a certain amount of money. Currently, it is very difficult to find an airline that does not take the additional cost for reserving such places in the Airbus A319. The layout of the cabin of this aircraft is constructed in such a way that these are the only best seats in the cabin, not counting those that are in emergency exits, where not all groups of air passengers admit to landing.

airbus a319 cabin layout aeroflot

Are you cool?

Sitting in the front row is very convenient, even thoughon the proximity of the kitchen and toilets next to the cockpit of the pilots. But even here there are some passengers who complain that the place "1A" is pretty cool, unlike other places in the first row. In fact, it is true. If you look at the diagram of airplane airplanes, you can find almost above this place, a bit closer to the main exit, an air supply unit with a heat exchanger unit that is responsible for creating the climate in the Airbus A319. The layout of the cabin is designed in such a way that the distribution of cooled air along the grids of the deflector starts from here, which, probably, brings some discomfort to the passengers sitting in the "1A" seat.

Emergency exit

What about the rest of the places? The 10th and 11th rows are also marked with comfort seats. Some particularly "smart" airlines manage to charge a fee and for the reservation of these places, including. However, their location opposite the emergency exits, which on the one hand is a plus due to the increased legroom, for some passengers may be a minus, because they simply will not be put there. This applies to children, disabled people, pensioners and pregnant women. In an emergency situation, passengers in these areas are expected to help flight attendants, however, the above categories of people, as a rule, themselves need to be escorted.

airbus a319 interior layout

National air carrier

By the way, he has 7 brand airplanes in the fleetAirbus A319. The layout of the cabin (Aeroflot ordered an individual layout at the plant) consists of 21 series and two classes of service. In the business class there are 5 rows: 4 chairs in a row (double comfort seats). In the economy salon 16 rows: 6 standard seats (built-up seats on each side of the passage).

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