Where to Spend a Holidays? Holidays and Exhibitions in Germany

Germany is an amazing country, whose inhabitantsThey are diligent and hardworking, and at the same time they are good at amusing themselves. That is why vacation in Germany is in demand among residents of many other countries of the world. Here there is entertainment in any season, at any time of the year, and in any weather. So, what to see, and where to go?

Popular exhibitions in Germany: interesting and informative

In Germany, a lot of local,European and international exhibitions of very different subjects. Someone goes here on a business trip, combining work with a wonderful vacation, someone goes just to learn more about a certain field of activity and make useful acquaintances. In 2013, in particular, it was announced the holding of the following specialized exhibitions, which will be of interest not only to specialized specialists of narrow areas, but also to all tourists and guests of the country:
• Regional wine exhibition in Offenburg;
• Exhibition of vehicles of modern and past in Friedirihshafen;
• Exhibition of the meat industry - features of production and packaging, in Frankfurt am Main;
• Exhibition of achievements in the wood industry in Cologne;
• International boat show, boat show in Hamburg;
• Exhibition of ritual services and related equipment in Dresden.
If these and similar industries are interesting to you, it's worth buying air tickets In advance, as during international exhibitionsairlines are overcrowded, and in addition, it is important when booking flights to take care of the hotel booking, as in the season of exhibitions they will be occupied, and the prices will be more expensive.
Holidays in Germany: choose something unusual
Traditional Oktoberfest, beer festival,conducted in Germany, has already become quite familiar, and if you've been to it once before, you'll probably want to look at something else. Residents of Germany are very fond of the holidays, and arrange them for a variety of reasons.
• Police Day is an interesting holiday for children,and for adults. On this day, police roll wannabes on cars and motorcycles, talk about their work, and often arrange exhibitions in the open air: for example, the exhibition of counterfeit notes always attracts attention. Many people visit the country to get acquainted with the work of policemen.
• Day of skyscrapers - another entertainment. As a rule, skyscrapers are office buildings, and simply do not enter them. Meanwhile, many would like to look at the city from such a height, learn more about skyscrapers. The holiday of skyscrapers in Frankfurt allows everyone to visit any skyscraper.
• The Day of the Hamburg Port is celebrated by twodays off, and this is a real extravaganza: ships and sailboats from all over the world come to the port. Celebrate and sailors, and residents, and visitors to the city. This is such a massive celebration that the captains of the aircraft are ordered to fly the plane over the port territory so that passengers can look at the beauty of the holiday and the brightly decorated yachts.
• Knight tournament near Munich, organized inCastle Kaltenberg, attracts crowds of lovers of the Middle Ages. Here fight stuntmen, and the whole action is as close to reality as possible, so there is enough emotion. Costumes and outfits are made exactly as they looked before. In a small market you can buy things made of fur, iron, leather according to medieval schemes and technologies.
Thus, in Germany there is alwaysto do, and where to go so that your journey remains for a long time in memory, and caused the delight of acquaintances. Choose holidays, exhibitions and outdoor activities: you will never be bored.

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