Train "Chelyabinsk-Adler": reviews of passengers, photo, route

The south of Russia is rich in resort places, namelyso people from all over the country try to come here to relax. From the Far East and Siberia, from the Central part and the Urals - everyone wants to rest on the sea. The most convenient way to get there is, still, railways, even if the route takes several days, such as a trip along the Chelyabinsk-Adler route.

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Why go to Adler?

Adler is one of the most famous resortsRussia, that's why so many people come here during the season. In this city you can not only relax, but also get a good sanatorium treatment. The resort offers all kinds of extreme sports, and there are opportunities for active recreation. Here is the most beautiful mountain Ahun, with which not only you can admire the beautiful view, but also find various reserves and zoos. Moreover, before the Olympics in this area there was a rapid pace of development, so that the city now has the most developed infrastructure. And, of course, near the Black Sea, which is so dreamed of in far Chelyabinsk!

Train 478 Adler Chelyabinsk

Direct train "Chelyabinsk-Adler"

In fact, there are two Chelyabinsk-Adler trains, but none of them travel regularly.

The train "Chelyabinsk-Adler" No. 477U is onlyseasonal train. He only walks from spring to autumn. So, in May and September the train goes 4 times a week - on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. In June, he walks almost all month, except for 7 days. In July and August the train travels every day without a pass. This team leaves at 18:55 and arrives at the destination at 11:21.

The second train has No. 343U. He travels all year round, however only 2-3 times a week. The train departs at 14:45 and arrives at Adler at 06:55.

Both trains leave from Chelyabinsk station and follow to the station called Adler. On the way, they make 48 stops, but they follow different routes.

Back passengers carry a train 478 "Adler-Chelyabinsk".

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Other trains "Chelyabinsk-Adler"

In addition to direct flights Chelyabinsk citizens can chooseanother train "Chelyabinsk-Adler", the route of which neither begins nor ends in these cities. In total, such trains are about 10 per season, and they walk in such a way that every day at least one comes to the city. They can go from Yekaterinburg or Krasnoyarsk and have not the final destination Adler, but, for example, more distant points. Let's just talk about some of them.

For example, the train "Krasnoyarsk-Adler" No. 127Y. It is good that arrives at the terminal station most quickly: for 2 days and 11 hours. However, this composition is used 2 times a week.

Also there is a train from Nizhny Tagil No. 364E. This composition is the longest, the journey time is 2 days and 21 hours.

In addition to the indicated 10 trains, in the summerwalk still additional trains. Moreover, there is always the opportunity to choose not the train "Chelyabinsk-Adler", but, for example, to go first to Moscow and only then to Adler himself, although it will be more expensive. So there are more than enough options.

Train Chelyabinsk Adler route


As already mentioned above, the Chelyabinsk-Adler train runs differently. Routes No. 477 and No. 343 practically do not have the same stops.

From large cities № 477 passes Ufa, Samara,Saratov, Volgograd and Rostov, and No. 343 - Orenburg, Samara, Syzran, Saratov, Volgograd and Krasnodar. Usually in these cities the train costs 20-40 minutes, so travelers have the opportunity to get some fresh air. The other stops take only a couple of minutes. Different ways of trains make it possible to get to the right place for rest, because you do not need to go to the final station.

A total of 3090 km the train "Chelyabinsk-Adler" is passing by. Photos of the train and the route can be found without problems.

train chelyabinsk adler


The cost of tickets along the route may vary depending on the class, the train and the time before departure, but in general the seats are approximately the same.

So, a ticket to a reserved car will costtravelers from 4500 rubles, and a place in an ordinary compartment - from 7000 rubles per person. Also in the trains there are compartments with increased comfort, the stay in which will cost from 15 300 rubles.

As on all trains, some categoriescitizens have the right to a discount, and the ticket can be purchased 45 days before departure. Do not forget that very many people want to get in the summer to the south, so you should take care of tickets in advance.

How else can you get from Chelyabinsk to Adler?

In addition to the train, there are alternativestravels. First, you can fly by plane. It will not be too expensive: the prices start from 4000 rubles. for the ticket. However, there are few direct flights, therefore, as with the train, you can choose a flight with a transfer in Moscow. The travel time without transplants will be only about 3 hours. This option can indeed compete with traveling by train.

For those who like to travel independently,there is a variant of travel by car. However, in our opinion, if you do not have acquaintances in every city, then such a trip will be very impractical. The distance between the departure and arrival points along the route is 2734 km, which means that it will take 34 hours. Without stopping, no one will master this distance, so there will be additional costs for overnight accommodation and meals. Together with gasoline, such a road will cost much more than a train and an airplane, so traveling by car is an exclusively amateur option.


The best way to find out more about the compositions -Read the reviews. The train "Chelyabinsk-Adler" collected quite negative descriptions of the trip. Everyone complains about the eternal problems of our trains: dirt and non-working air-conditioners, as well as poor condition of the bathrooms. However, in this case, the good attitude of the conductors, who sincerely try to fulfill their duties, is noted.

Before the trip it is better to find out the schedule of trainsat the station, read reviews. The train "Chelyabinsk-Adler" No. 477 though constantly goes, but not every day, not to mention No. 343, which has a stable schedule. So, residents of Chelyabinsk should prepare for a train ride in advance.

Passengers who choose a train"Chelyabinsk-Adler", this route is considered one of the most unpleasant, because among all the options there are not any company staff, and this is a big problem. Particularly bad is the case with seasonal compounds, because they are collected from existing cars, and the cars are mostly in poor condition.

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