Tenerife (Spain). Almost Africa, but still Europe

Tenerife (Spain) is an island.It is the largest among the seven resorts "Canar", and it is often called "the land of eternal spring". This is not surprising, because here the weather prevails, characteristic for the "pores of love" - ​​not less than +20 degrees in winter and not more than 25 in summer. Here come completely different people. But the island accepts all - and lovers to drink, take a walk, have a snack, and want to retire in a beautiful romantic place and meditate. For everyone there are resorts. If the cosmopolitan Las Americas and Los Cristianos are suitable for gay youth, Puerto de la Cruz provides a romantic pastime among picturesque cliffs and greenery. In a word, a trip to the Canaries is always a great holiday.

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Spain, Tenerife. Two capitals

This Spanish island has always been very important forsailors plying between America, Africa (to which only three hundred kilometers) and Europe. Therefore, it is unique in its fusion of different cultural traditions. This is evident from its population, cuisine, bright "fiestas" and lively carnivals. There are two capitals - the former, La Laguna, and the current one - Santa Cruz. The latter is in the north of Tenerife. Spain is a country of beach rest, and the capital of the island also boasts a wide beach. In addition, there is a port where cruise liners arrive. Therefore, the shopping streets of the capital give tourists an excellent opportunity for shopping, for example, in the well-known chain shopping center "English Court" (El Corte Ingles). There is a museum of Canar history with collections of mummies of the first inhabitants of the islands. It is also worth visiting the cathedral of Our Lady of the 17th century, famous for its collection of art objects. Santa Cruz is a bustling and interesting city. But the more quiet La Laguna is included in the UNESCO list. It is not near the sea, but at the foot of the Anaga mountains. Its central square is built up by houses of the 15th century. Tourists can buy on the local market products of traditional craft and visit the museum of anthropology.

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Tenerife, Spain. Hills and valleys

The island is divided into two climatic zones:northern and southern. They are very different in nature. The fact is that the north of the island often rains, but the south can boast a warmer, subtropical climate. The watershed between the two zones is the Teide National Park. There is a volcano of the same name, the third in the world in height (more than three thousand meters). At its top you can get - how to scramble on foot along the marked path, and climb the cable car. To the north is the Orotava Valley, or the Tenerife Gardens. Spain is a wine country, and underground volcanic activity contributes to the fact that the local soil is good for growing this berry. There are many cellars and tasting rooms, as well as a wine museum. Prepare a "drink of the gods" on the island in a traditional way, which has not changed in a few hundred years. To the south of the park there is such an attraction as the "Pyramids of Guimar". These stepped structures resemble temples erected by the Maya or the Aztecs, but it is still unknown who and why they built them.

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Spain, Tenerife. Reviews of the beaches and the sea

The tourists who visited here call the rest onthe island is very comfortable, unhurried and really quiet. Many people like the black sand of the local beaches - they say that although it can ruin a bright swimsuit, the sensations of sunbathing on it are the most inexpressible. Although there are golden, white and mixed beaches. All such recreation areas are concentrated, mainly in the south of the island, but more picturesque bays with lush vegetation - in the north. However, it is almost impossible to swim there, because too steep rocks, and it is impossible to enter the sea. But all the hotels there have swimming pools, so you are provided with bathing with contemplation of beautiful landscapes.

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