Iliada Beach Hotel 4 * (Protaras, Cyprus): photo and tourist reviews

Many tourists who want to spend a few days,lounging in the sun and enjoying the waves of the sea, as a temporary refuge choose Cyprus. This island state has much to offer tourists. By the way, one of the most popular resorts of the country is the city of Protaras. It is here, almost in the center, and the hotel Iliada Beach Hotel is located.

Of course, an experienced tourist before bookingtries to get the most out of the available information. Is it possible to consider the location of the hotel advantageous? Are there conditions for a family holiday with a child? What are the impressions of the tourists who have already managed to spend several days in the hotel?

Where to look for a hotel and what does the hotel complex Iliada Beach Hotel 4 * (Protaras) look like?

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The first point to be reversedattention, is the location of the hotel. In fact, Iliada Beach Hotel 4 * can boast a really convenient location, because it is within easy reach of the sea shore. The lawn in front of the hotel passes directly to the beach.

By the way, this is a popular tourist area incenter of Protaras - all attractions and attractions of the city, as well as numerous cafes and shops will be within walking distance. Travelers, as a rule, land at the airport of Larnaca, the distance to which is 60 km. By the way, you can count on a convenient transfer, and the road will not take much time.

The hotel itself consists of a large five-storya building built in a modern style. The hotel territory is not too big, but it is comfortably furnished and beautifully decorated - you will even have your own Mediterranean garden for walking.

Photo and description of rooms

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Iliada Beach Hotel consists of 112 rooms. For the most part, these are standard rooms. Depending on the location of the windows and balconies overlooking the sea or the garden. By the way, their area is 22 square meters. There are suites, as well as more spacious family apartments with a separate living room.

As the reviews say, the rooms are very clean. Everything is arranged simply, but elegantly - there is a set of necessary furniture and, of course, home appliances. Guests can watch their favorite satellite channels on the TV. There is also a safe, radio, telephone (the number can be dialed directly), as well as a small refrigerator (a mini-bar). In summer, the hotel guests enjoy individual air-conditioning, and in the cold periods of the year on site include central heating.

The bathroom will be pleased with the spacious bathroom and modern shower. There is a toilet, a washbasin and a mirror, as well as clean towels (change daily) and hair dryer.

Power scheme: what should the traveler expect?

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Nutrition is an important element of a really goodrecreation. So what does the hotel Iliada Beach Hotel offer? When booking a tourist chooses a convenient scheme for himself, whether it's breakfast only or three meals a day, a full meal. By the way, the services of local restaurants can be used even without prepayment, but in this case after each visit you will be presented with a check.

The cozy Argo restaurant is open every day.breakfast. In the evenings, guests are offered a generous buffet table and an opportunity to taste traditional Cypriot and Greek dishes. You can visit the "a la carte" restaurant Eleni, where guests are offered a large selection of international and local cuisine, as well as grilling menus.

On the terrace, right by the pool there are tablesThalassaki bar. Here, guests can not only order drinks, but also enjoy home-made ice cream, desserts and light snacks. The Armonia Cocktail Bar offers fresh baked goods, aromatic coffee and a wide variety of cocktails.

You can eat outside the Iliada Beach Hotel. Protaras is a big resort town. Cafes and restaurants here are located literally at every step, so there are no problems with food.

Distance to the beach, amenities and entertainment on the beach

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Most tourists are eager to spend their holidays,enjoying the beauty of nature and relaxing on the beach. What does the Iliada Beach Hotel offer? Corfu, Crete and, of course, Cyprus are considered the most popular islands with very beautiful beaches. And, as already mentioned, the hotel is located almost on the beach - the distance to a private beach, covered with soft golden sand, is no more than 50 meters. And the hotel's lawn is smoothly moving to a private shoreline, and there is no fence here either. Therefore, tourists can use the sun loungers and umbrellas, which belong to the hotel. By the way, you can get a beach towel here, but only on bail.

Reviews of travelers say that the beachhere is really very beautiful, the entrance to the sea is comfortable, and the waves are small, which allows you to swim, and is also suitable for beginners who want to windsurf. By the way, there is a lot of entertainment here - you can not only swim, but also swim with a mask, go for water skiing and boating, parasail, play beach volleyball. There is no time to miss here.

Are additional services provided?

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Guests of the Iliada Beach Hotel cancount for an additional service. Immediately it is worth saying that, despite the lack of Wi-Fi, the hotel has a business center with a computer corner, where you can use the Internet and office equipment. At your service and spacious meeting room, which can accommodate up to 90 people. Polite and experienced hotel staff organize seminars, meetings, celebrations and even wedding banquets.

In the hotel you can easily exchangecurrency. The most valuable things can be deposited in an administrator's safe. There is also a place where you can leave your luggage for a while. The hotel has laundry and dry cleaning services. And tourists can use the covered parking for free. By the way, here, in Iliada Hotel without any problems it is possible to rent a car, a moped or even a mountain bike - this service among tourists is very popular.

Entertainment and leisure: how do tourists spend their time?

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According to reviews, most travelersprefers to spend time in the city or on the beach. But not bad fun can be in the hotel. In the courtyard there is a swimming pool, and next to it, on a neatly trimmed lawn, sun loungers are located - guests can sunbathe while enjoying the breathtaking sea view.

From time to time, groupSports events, including morning exercises, aerobics, dancing. Nearby are tennis courts. You can pass the time for playing ping-pong. And in the evenings the hotel often plays live music, and animators are often pleased with cheerful and incendiary performances. A popular activity among travelers is a bike trip around the area. And in the hotel you will be told about the most interesting sights of the country and even help to choose a sightseeing tour.

Family holiday: accommodation with a child

The hotel complex Iliada Beach Hotel is suitable forrest with the child, because here the families offer additional amenities, including spacious quadruple rooms, extra beds, high chairs in the restaurant. By the way, the menu here is large enough and includes simple, healthy food that will suit a child of any age.

Kids feel great on the beach,splashing in warm sea waves. On the other hand, kiddies often rest with their parents on site, because for them a small swimming pool is arranged here. By the way, babysitters work at the hotel, they will look after the children, and for a relatively small fee.

Hotel Iliada Beach Hotel 4 * (Protaras): reviews

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As you know, reviews of people who have alreadyto visit one or another place, often contain a lot of useful information. And in fact, this hotel is like travelers. Here everything is simple and uncomplicated, but the hotel guarantees the comfort. The rooms are large enough, the furniture is comfortable, and from the windows you can admire the beautiful scenery. A set of necessary equipment is available, and the rooms are cleaned well enough.

In a restaurant, tourists can always not only taste goodeat, but also enjoy a quiet, homely atmosphere. The food is delicious, and the choice of dishes offered is not bad. A huge advantage is the proximity to the beach and reasonable prices for accommodation. Tourists recommend the hotel Iliada Beach Hotel. Cyprus is a place that can give a bright, unforgettable vacation.

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