Trip to Illichivsk: rest. Bases of rest, hotels, the prices for habitation

Ilyichevsk is famous not only for its beautifulBlack Sea coast and warm climate. It should be noted that it is also an important industrial settlement - it employs a lot of factories and is one of the largest ports in Ukraine. However, even with such an economic factor, it remains a clean and refined resort of the Black Sea region. There is exactly what attracts modern tourists - alleys, parks, fountains, streets, where you can spend a relaxing holiday and breathe in therapeutic air.

The port and all enterprises operating throughhe, are in the estuary of the bay. Thanks to this industry does not affect the ecological condition of the residential sector. It is separated from these structures by a wide park area.

By the way, in 2016 Ilyichevsk was renamed to Chernomorsk. This is where the Bulgarian Golden Sands originate. The clean beach, which is here, is interrupted by the mouth of the Danube.

This resort area has become popular thanks tofresh and healing air, beautiful sea, warm sun and "golden" beaches. Housing here is inexpensive, which allows people of any prosperity to find good places. The beach is filled with park areas, groves. Here there are recreation centers, boarding houses, hotels and hotels.

A lot of restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs is located in a city like Ilyichevsk. Rest (recreation centers will be discussed below) promises to be unforgettable. Thanks to summer sites and gazebos, a romantic evening or dinner with family is forever remembered.

Local hotels, as a rule, do not have large sizes. Almost all built on the sea coast. Near them there must be a cafe or a restaurant, a pharmacy, a shop.

illichevsk recreation recreation center

Choice of accommodation

Ilyichevsk offers different types of housing.Rest (recreation centers are the most in demand) can be carried out both in expensive comfortable apartments and in cheaper rooms. Even without paying attention to the fact that the city is small, it should be noted that the range of proposed housing will compete with any major resort.

In addition to recreation centers and hotels, they often give upapartments and rooms in houses that are located near the coast in the private sector. Approximate prices - $ 12-16, however in the summer period the cost is many times increased.

In the private sector there are hotels andguest houses. In the latter, the average cost of the room is $ 8-12. In hotels prices are much higher: from $ 30 to $ 120. There are options for rooms with access to the courtyard, private parking.


For a small fee you can settle incomfortable rooms of local hotels and hotels. The leaders of those were "Nika" and "Elite Tennis Club". In the territory of the latter there are various tennis courts that allow tourists to learn how to play or maintain their level even during the holidays.

The average cost of $ 60-200 installed elitecomplexes - "Fountain", "Villa on the Embankment". They are famous for Ilyichevsk. Rest (recreation centers and these establishments are constantly competing) is proposed to be held in the following rooms to choose from:

  • lux (family, exclusive);
  • standard (double);
  • two-tier room (5-6 people).

The cost of accommodation can include food, parking and Internet. However, in all establishments this issue needs to be clarified.

Recreation centers

The minimum cost of living in recreation centersIlyichevsk - $ 4. As a budget option, you can offer the complexes "Panorama", "Dolphin", "Flower", "Bukovina". In these rooms for two people per night will cost from $ 14 to $ 22. A little more expensive will cost boarding houses "Fairy Tale", "Gulf", etc. Their average price of the room is $ 20-60.

Most of the local complexes have their ownown equipped beach. This is especially pleasing to the guests who decided to visit Ilyichevsk. Recreation (recreation centers of this city have an unprecedented demand) can be held on sports grounds or wander in a nearby forest. Landscaping is the issue that worries the administration of the city and the institutions themselves. In the summer, you need to book a room in advance, because you can face the fact that there are no free options. Moreover, the longer you pull the lease, the more expensive will be the accommodation.


illichevsk lagoon recreation center

Consider the option where you can stay, having arrivedin Ilyichevsk. The recreation center "Laguna-Yug" is located in one of the parts of Bugovo. It offers three meals a day, renting a barbecue. The administration organizes excursions to the dolphinarium, water parks. There is an opportunity to go fishing.

On the territory of the institution there are Internet, a children's and sports grounds, a sauna, a cafe, parking and others. The minimum cost per day is $ 2 per person.


recreation center Lukomorye ilichevsk

The cost of a house with a person is $ 4.Before the change of leadership, this complex was constantly visited by tourists. They knew that it was always clean, and the food in the dining room was delicious. However, now the recreation center "Lukomorye" (Illichivsk) constantly receives negative feedback from tourists. The most common complaint is theft. During the day, the houses are opened, and the administration then evicts people and sends them back home.


recreation center falcon illichevsk

The recreation center places people in the territorya large complex, designed for 200 people. There is an opportunity to live in a house where 2-3 people can live at the same time. Meals either three meals a day, or self-sufficient in the dining room. There is a cafe and a bar on the beach. Recreation center "Sokol" (Ilyichevsk) is famous for its clean coast and excellent service.

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