The Aymani Kadyrova Mosque: Architecture, Interior, History of Construction

The mosque, which we will talk about, is onefrom the most unusual, criticized, unconventional - everything in it is unconventional, from the name to the external appearance. We will try to help you to make your own impression about it with this material.

Acquaintance with the Mosque. Aymani Kadyrova in Argun

The mosque, named in honor of Aymani Kadyrova -the wife of the first Chechen President, Ahmad Kadyrov, was opened on May 16, 2014 in Argun, a Chechen city, on a street named after this statesman. And this is the first fact that makes this religious structure unusual - it is named after the woman. Although theologians and religious scholars claim that this is a very typical phenomenon for Islam, many critically attributed to the choice of such naming.

The mosque named after Aymani Kadyrova

This Sunni mosque belongs to the Spiritual Board of Moslems of Chechnya. Its total area is 24 thousand meters2, the area of ​​internal premises - almost 7 thousand meters2. The maximum capacity is 15 thousand people. There is a library at the mosque. Suhur and iftar (morning and evening meal in the month of Ramadan), taravih (namaz during Ramadan) are held.

Chief architect - D. Baykan, the construction was carried out by the company "Inkomstroy." This mosque of the Chechen Republic has one dome, three minarets (height - 55 meters).

History of the construction of the mosque

Money for the construction of a religious buildinghas allocated a public foundation named after the first head of Chechnya. The center for the city of Argun was chosen as the location for the construction. The author of the project was the Turkish architectural bureau under the leadership of Denise Baykan, construction was also conducted by specialists of this country.

The works were started in the middle of the first month of 2011 and continued exactly 1238 days, ending in April 2014.

Opening of Aimani Kadyrova mosque

The opening of the mosque was originally plannedtimed to the Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War, but for a number of reasons it was held a little later - May 16, 2014. The delay did not damage the solemnity of the event - it was preceded by a large-scale marathon "From Heart to Heart" - over 5,000 Chechens and residents of other North Caucasian republics overcame 16.4 km. The starting point of their route was the Grozny mosque "The Heart of Chechnya", and the final one - the Aymani Kadyrova mosque (its second name is "Mother's Heart").

argun town

Before the opening was held dhikr - religiousa rite consisting of a repetition of the prayer formula glorifying Allah. Then, in the new mosque, a compulsory Friday Moslem prayer - juma-namaz was held. It was attended by 15 thousand people.

Architectural features of the mosque

Mosque "Mother's Heart" in the city of Argunattracts the eye of his ultra-modern and even somewhat futuristic appearance. And this is the first mosque on the territory of Russia, which was built in the style of high-tech. This fact, by the way, was the second reason for criticism of the structure.

The walls of the building are decorated with marble-travertine.Oval arches crowned by a 24-meter (in diameter) dome, towering above the main prayer hall at 23 meters. Finishes the composition of the triple of 55-meter minarets. Depending on the weather, during the day the mosque named after Aymani Kadyrova changes color from pale gray to bright blue, turquoise. And at night it strikes the imagination with its illuminations - hundreds of multicolored LED bulbs and searchlights.

 argon mosque named after Aymani Kadyrova

The height of the mosque is four floors.The lower three are reserved for men, and the upper one is for women. A separate entrance leads to it. Near the mosque is a modern park, and in front of the entrance there is a grandiose composition in the form of the main symbol of Islam - the crescent and the star. In the underground passage to the building you can see the sayings of the great Muslim religious figures.

Interior decoration

The Aymani Kadyrova Mosque inside not less thanbeautiful and amazing than outside. Looking up, the visitor will see the wonderfully illuminated engraving of the names of Allah on the dome. Do not go unnoticed and a grandiose chandelier in the shape of a crescent. Its diameter is 31 meters and its weight is 5 tons!

mosque of the Chechen Republic

It is impossible not to admire how exquisitely andlaconicly decorated mihrab (here is the imam during prayer) and mimbar (the place from where the imam reads the sermon). Everyone who has visited here drew attention to the floor - it is covered with a beautiful soft oriental carpet with a high pile.

The mosque is open for free visiting -it is enough to adhere to a number of simple rules adopted in Islam: different entrances for women and men, appropriate clothing (if there is no such visitors, special cloaks are issued), covered head, quiet conversations. Photo and video are not prohibited here.

The "Mother's Heart" mosque in Argun is a place thatit will be interesting not only to the believing person. The collection of memories of any tourist will certainly be enriched if he gets into this most modern Russian mosque, whose exterior and interior decoration will amaze the imagination of even one who was familiar with the great beauties of the world.

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